Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Iron? What iron?

So, this is kind of a medical update type of thing. I mentioned the knot on my leg that sent me to the dr earlier this month. That led to blood tests and blah, blah. I swear, they're like vamps. They all want my blood.

Anyway, my cholesterol level was bang on normal so the dr took me off that med. Yay! Blood pressure was a bit on the high side so she put me on a mild diuretic. Oh goodie lol. I've spent way too much time in the bathroom lately. (I *could* say something here, but... naw lol.)

Anyhow, my iron count is low. Like waaaaaaay low. Like the dr freaked and ran the test again low. *sigh* And off to the hematologist I go. Spent all day Monday there. I finally get to see the dr... and she tells me my iron count is bad low.

Reeeeeealy? I had no idea.  My iron is low? Wow. Please, tell me more. 

I mean come on. I spent five hours there just to be told that? That I already knew! Grr. I was not a happy camper. So the next step was to set up an IV injection of iron. IV... as in needle in your arm. Oh fuck me, I had enough of that in the hospital after the stroke. 

So Tuesday was spend in the dr office again getting the IV. This is why I hate going to the dr's. Once you start, it never ends. 

The infusion went well, except for the nurse who put the damn needle in my arm. She must've been pissed at someone or just just plain mean because she threw that needle in my arm like she was playing darts and this was her last chance to win a million dollars. Fuck it hurt. And it hurt going out. 

Now that arm looks like it's been beat with a wet noodle. Lovely bruises showing up and it's still sore and swollen. Some of it is side effects of the iron. They gave me a sheet a mile long with what *could* be showing up later. 

Oh, fun times.

And... if you're craving ice, you're probably anemic, like me. That's a sign according to the dr. I had no idea. Anyway, the only saving grace was Face Off started last night.  As y'all know I love that show. I already have my favs picked out lol.

So that was my past two days. I got nothing done on the writing front either. Thank God I didn't have edits. Yes, my arm still aches and that annoys me. I might have to go kill a character lol for revenge. 

Love you guys! I'll keep y'all updated. I have to go back in a week for another round. Grr again.