Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tuesday Teaser - Bound by Destiny

Hey y'all! Time for another Tuesday Teaser! 

“Welcome. I am Eort and owner of this establishment.”
Dayo shivered in revulsion once he saw the owner of the voice. Eort’s voice was high-pitched and skittered across the nerves, but considering he was from a race called Insectoids, it wasn’t surprising. The species was arachnid-like hermaphrodites with some humanoid characteristics,. They hailed from the Lotrim sector and were extremely greedy and lacking in morals.
Eort was roughly the height of an average human with primarily reddish-yellow skin. A slight glowed surrounded his body. There were six thin legs that made it possible for quick movement in any direction. The legs were attached at the base of the torso.
The alien had two arms, with what resembled humanoid elbows and wrists. Each arm ended in a multi-fingered hand. Eort had a visible, thick neck, and a triangle-shaped head covered by a semitransparent membrane. Two round, glowing, yellow pupilless eyes stared at them. 
“Greeting, Eort.” Torin bowed slightly. “I am Torin, second-in-command to Belton of the Blishue ship call the Graco.”
“This the property?” Eort asked, pointing a long spindly finger at Dayo.
 “Yes. Is the buyer here?” Torin glanced around the area. “I don’t see him.”
“He has arrived.” Eort chittered. “Pay dues for overseeing sale, and owner will be allowed in.”
Belton lifted his wrist and activated his comm. “Done.”
Eort tilted his head, almost as if he was listening telepathically to someone, and then grinned. “Verified. New owner is cleared to enter. Business much appreciated. Leave when finished.”
Torin rolled his eyes at Eort’s back. “Thank you so much.” He turned to Belton after Eort left, shutting the door behind him. “Creepy things.”
“Agreed,” Belton said, shifting from foot to foot. “And untrustworthy. Let’s hope the buyer hurries up and gets here soon so we can—”
A door opened, and a male entered. He was wide at the shoulder, with a thick waist, and short powerful legs that were encased in black pants. A narrow head led to an impossibly long snout complete with tusks.

“Ah, Vegishy. Pleased to meet you.” Belton offered his hand.