Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tuesday Teaser

Okay, so Destiny: A Prequel to Bound by Destiny (The Harvest Young) is on the 2nd round of edits. Right now it's around 16Kish. It basically shows Raiden and Dayo from birth to age eighteen, when they mate. 

I hadn't planned to write the early years (so to speak lol) but an abundance of disappointed comments made me rethink that. 

What I'm posting below are cut scenes that won't be in the book. Why? Well, the book is about Raiden and Dayo... and Szin was figuring too prominently lol. 

When I have a better idea when this will be out, I'll post on social media platforms. 


THE NEXT thing Raiden knew, there was light, and he was being lifted out of his warm, tight space. Someone blew in Raiden’s face, and impressed, he and bellowed. Loudly. Thankfully he was wrapped up and placed in a weird contraction.
Still, he screamed.
“Oh, by the great gods, he’s… he’s so… Doc? Doc! What’s wrong?” Keyno demanded.
“Nothing is wrong. Keyno… Dale… there are… there are… you have twins. Oh, gods, two young!” Doc gasped, lifting Raiden’s twin out.
“What!” Keyno shouted. “Two? There are two in there? There can’t be!”
Raiden continued to scream. They needed to get Szin to him now.
“John, we’re going to need a long-term transvector, several growth lights…. You’d best hit the hot-call button, my mate.”
Szin? Raiden’s bellow was drowned out by Keyno’s upset yowl as the emergency call for more medical personnel went off. Ow. Why is that so loud?
“The second young…. His vitals aren’t good, and he’s very small,” Doc said. “His color is off. We’ll do everything we can, of course, but
Szin? Can you hear me? Put him with me! Szin!
“No!” Keyno shouted. “Doc, please, my friend, do something. Anything, please!”
“Keyno, having twins is a miracle in itself, you know that. Having both survive….”
There was a loud thump. 
Now what?
“Doc, put him with the other young. Now. Don’t question me, just do it. His name is Szin. He’ll be fine as long as you keep him near Raiden, his brother. Trust me,” Dale said. “Someone check on Keyno; make sure he hasn’t cracked his head open or something, and wake him up. He needs to know that both will be fine. The idea of losing another young…. Just, please check on Keyno.”
Thank the gods! Raiden stopped screaming as soon as Doc placed Szin next to him. He watched as Szin’s skin lost its blue tinge, and his breathing leveled out.
Sorry I scared you. Szin reached for Raiden. Things got a little rough there for a second. So, here we are, huh?
Here we are. I told you everything would be fine. Love you, little brother. Satisfied, Raiden examined his twin.
Love you too. Man, I’m beat. Szin snuggled close, and they went to sleep.