Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Tuesday Teaser

Neo showered and dressed. Just as he buttoned his shirt, a chime echoed. He rushed from the bedroom, across the massive living area, and opened the door. “I was hoping it was you. Come in.”
“Were you expecting someone else?” Jolak asked as he stepped inside.
“No, but that means nothing.” Neo led Jolak to the living area. Briefly he wondered if this felt as odd to Jolak as it did to him.
Jolak sat. “So Hamza plans ask Malk to be a blood general.”
“I’m afraid so.”
“And he’s still on the same path as before?”
“Yes. He hasn’t changed his mind about destroying the Ne Reyn.”
Jolak huffed. “I had hoped that young of mine would come to his senses, but it appears his desire for vengeance overshadows everything else. So we will…. How does Dale say it? Ah yes, we shall take the bull by the horns.”
Neo sincerely hoped they didn’t end up being gored by said horns.