Thursday, June 17, 2021

Thursday Book Rec


White Dragon: Dragon Islands Book One by Kiernan Kelly


Blurb: On Moonstone Island, one of the legendary Dragon Islands lives a dragon whose color has been the bane of his existence. Born a white dragon in a world populated by Emerald, Ruby, Onyx, Garnet, Sapphire, Amethyst, and Gold dragon shifters, Dreq has been an outcast all of his life. His color is despised by those of his breed, and he has been allowed to live on the fringes of their society solely because he has been proven fertile, although he has little to no chance of finding a mate.


Cooper is a pirate whose ship sinks just off the coast of Moonstone Island. His life is saved by Dreq, and no one is more surprised to find himself attracted to the handsome dragon shifter.


Narith is a ruby dragon whose mate has failed to produce a clutch for him. He wants Dreq for the purpose of breeding, and plots to steal him away from Cooper.


Will love conquer all on Moonstone Island, and whose clutch will Dreq eventually bear?


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