Sunday, July 11, 2021

Health update

Surgery for the uterine cancer went well! I came home Thursday night, but it was really late. Another surgery before mine had some trouble, so that delayed mine. We got home around 10pm that night. Glad I had my pain meds filled the day before! (And they gave me the good stuff too.)

I'm still napping a lot, but the pain hasn't been bad. I've avoided the pain in the shoulder deal that seems to be part of robotic surgery, so yayay for that! I'm up walking around, eating pretty good, and resting. The incisions are healing nicely, and we've had only one major freak over them (They seep, just FYI). All in all, I feel pretty damn good, lol.

I see my oncologist this upcoming Friday, so we'll see if I'm still Stage 1 for sure and then go from there.