Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Tuesday Teaser - Bound by War


The male’s fists clenched, and sharp spines erupted from his knuckles. Torin’s eyes widened. Someone was feeling threatened. This male was a hybrid. So, who’s young was this?

Raiden staggered to a halt. “Laken?”

Well, at least, Raiden was no longer focused on him.

“Oh, holy shit,” Dayo whispered.

Torin sounded the name out in his head. Laken. He liked it. He also liked everyone was ignoring him and hadn’t seemed to notice he was conscious.

“What the hell?” Raiden swore loudly at Laken. “Get away from that fucker. You know what he did to Dayo.”

How many times was he going to have to explain that? If it hadn’t been him, it would’ve been another Blishue. They wouldn’t have gone nearly as easy on Dayo as Torin had, although he understood Raiden’s anger. If someone had whipped this vision of beauty before him, he’d—wait. What?

Neo pressed his comm. “Raiden, you will not take another step toward the Blishue. As your king consort, I have spoken. Stand down. Now.”

Raiden gawked at Neo.

So maybe Torin would avoid the airlock after all.

The door to Medical swished open again, and Hamza stormed inside. “What in the ever-loving hell is going on?”

“Glad you got here so fast.” Neo smirked. “It seems that destiny—or whatever you want to call it, love—well, it might be a little late to the party, but it’s finally arrived for Laken.”

Raiden roared.

No doubt about it. Torin was airlock bound.