Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Tuesday Teaser - new untitled book


This is a teaser from the new WIP. I don't have a title for it yet. 

Chapter One – Austin

Seventeen years later

HIS OLD man was nuttier than a five-pound fruitcake. That’s what his grandfather liked to say. 

Austin's father had gone completely off the deep end about a week after his eighth birthday. People thought grief and alcohol were responsible for his breakdown.

It was actually the monster.

His father’s rantings about a seven-foot demon attacking him had caught the attention of the grandparents. And his family’s peers. And the media. And the whole world, pretty much. The ‘mad millionaire’ the press called his father.

They didn’t know how right they were, on several accounts.

It had taken years, and numerous lawyers, but Austin’s grandparents had eventually managed to have his father declared incompetent and carted off to a retreatmeaning a fancy place where the rich sent certain family members so they'd be out of view of the public.

They took control of his father’s realty company and all of his assets. Austin inherited everything when he turned twenty-five… and promptly sold it all.

Money was allotted to take care of dear ol’ dad, and that was fine. He didn’t care. It was worth it to keep his father away from him.

The grandparents raised him and paid for college. They had a job to do and had done it, as they liked to tell him. Once he inherited, he moved to the west coast.

He had a college degree that he never used and hated but a job he loved. Being a best-selling author with one of the top publishing companies had its perks.

His paranormal books were tremendously popular. The public couldn’t get enough of the broody vampires and sexy werewolves, and he made a good living off it.

Austin also didn’t hide the fact he believed in the paranormal. Some folks probably thought he was a little nutty himself. They were welcome to think what they wanted. He knew the truth.

Monsters existed.

Were there things that went bump in the night? Were there creatures who lurked the darkness? Were there monsters under the bed? The answer was yes to all of it.

Austin didn’t just believe; he knew for a fact something other than humans existed. He’d met something. Sort of. Okay, he actually hadn’t seen the monster, he’d only spoken to it.

Kind of hard to see much of anything when you’re hiding in bed under the covers. Of course, he was doing that because his father was on his way upstairs to beat his ass. Again.

His monster had saved him. Literately.

From that night onward, something had watched over him. He thought it was a male. It sounded male. That distinctive deep baritone voice had reassured Austin as a kid.

Now it made him horny as hell.

Which made him madder than hell.

And he still had no idea what the hell his monster looked like or what it was. His father called it a demon but that didn’t really tell Austin anything. He didn’t believe in the concept of Heaven and Hell so the term demon was useless.

Over the years he’d caught a glimpse a time or two of something tall and dark, like his father claimed, but that was all, he’d been damn lucky to get that.

For a monster, it was ridiculously shy.

Which was infuriating. Austin had been asking the creature to show himself for years. Instead he kept getting the same old song and dance about not being ready. It made Austin do his own growling. Which, by the way, did not sound as menacing as his monsters.

Now that was a damn growl.

Lightning danced across the night sky, drawing Austin’s attention. Thunder grumbled soon thereafter. The smell of rain rode on the wind, wind that screamed around him. A storm was in the way and his dumb ass was out in the middle of it.

Bits of paper and other small trash swirled across the parking lot of the bar. Turning up the collar of his jacket, he walked faster toward his car.

If his monster would just sit down and talk to Austin, he wouldn’t be forced to go to back alleys and damn dives in the hopes of getting information.