Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Tuesday Teaser


This will be the last excerpt from Chasing Shadows since it releases Sept 2. I've started book 2, but there's not title as of yet. I'm waiting on the book to give me some idea of what it is lol. 


* * * * 

“Yes, I waited for you to grow both in mind and body.” Kage scooted across the couch until he was sitting right next to Austin. “You’re no longer a child now.”

He was done waiting.

Austin set his drink down on the end table next to him. “No. No, I’m certainly not a child anymore.”

Kage leaned in. “I would like to kiss you, Austin.”

“You’d damn well better.”

Kage chuckled softly as he cupped Austin’s chin. “Demanding.”

“I mean, really, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. You’ve met me, right? Now shut up and kiss me.”

Happy to follow the demand, Kage nipped those sexy lips that had been driving him crazy ever since seeing them wrapped around Austin’s straw. He wanted to see them wrapped around something else.

With only inches separating them and their breaths mingling, he brushed his lips against Austin’s. The softness against his made him want more. The plumpness made him want to bite them.

Kage watched those beautiful blue eyes of Austin’s drift closed. Austin sighed as he rested one hand on Kage’s leg. His lush lips opened—the invitation was clear.

Unable to resist, Kage let go of Austin’s chin and slid his hand around the back of Austin’s neck, holding him still. He covered Austin’s lips with his own and explored.

The sweet taste of strawberries and vanilla ice cream exploded across his tongue, along with the unique taste that was Austin. Kage growled softly, which triggered Austin into groaning into the kiss.

It was a low, guttural sound of need. As their tongues dueled, Austin clutched Kage’s leg. Desire perfumed the air around them—the scent was fresh and crisp, with a citrusy undertone that was mouthwatering and pure Austin.

The kiss turned harder. Hotter. More aggressive. Austin’s tongue chased Kage’s. The hold Kage had on his desire slipped, and he pushed Austin back against the couch, trapping him between the cushions and his body.

He took all that Austin offered, drinking down his moans and breathy sighs. Then Austin suddenly shoved against Kage’s chest and, concerned that maybe he had overstepped, Kage leaned back.

But before he could ask if something was wrong, Austin became the aggressor. He reversed their positions, pushing Kage until Kage’s back was against the couch… then Austin straddled Kage.

The frail hold Kage had on his desires snapped. His hands grasped Austin’s hips as Austin sank down on him. Lips plastered against his, demanding that he open and allow access.

Kage’s mind shorted out. Austin’s sweet scent surrounded him, the heaviness grinding against his dick inflamed him, the wetness of Austin’s kiss—it all destroyed the hold he had on the other side of himself.

A low growling purr emitted from his chest. The need to take what was his surfaced with a vengeance. The tips of his fingers tingled, and his hands flexed on Austin’s hips. Warmth burned through his body. His breathing strangled in his chest when Austin moaned against his mouth.

Austin ended the kiss and leaned back slightly. “Whoa, your eyes are completely black.”

Lost in the whirlwind of desire, the words didn’t make sense. All Kage could do was stare up at Austin.

Austin gently patted Kage’s cheek. “The black veins are back. Are you okay?”

Black veins? Black eyes?


The words, and the concerned tone, finally penetrated his mind. “Dear gods.” He’d lost control over himself—something that had never happened before. “Yes, yes. I’m okay.”

Embarrassed but okay.

This was unbelievable. He’d started a partial shift all over a kiss. A kiss! He glanced up at Austin, who didn’t look the least bit concerned by what he was seeing. Of course, he’d already seen Kage partially shifted, but certainly not while Austin was kissing him.

“I apologize. It appears that I, um, that I, ah—” How in the world was he supposed to explain he’d gotten so horny he’d lost control of himself?

By the dead gods, his claws even came out. Gently he removed his hands from Austin’s hips. Hopefully he hadn’t pierced Austin’s new pants.

Austin glanced down at Kage’s hands, looked back up at Kage, then smirked. “I got you hot, didn’t I?”


Austin laughed. “I seem to be collecting all sorts of names—sweet boy. Imp.”

“Pain in the ass.”

Austin plastered himself against Kage’s chest and whispered in his ear, “I would love to be a pain in your ass. But I promise the pain won’t last long.”