Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Tuesday Teaser


~excerpt from book#2 in the Daemons of San DeLain series. No title as of yet, but Kage and Austin are the focus again. 

Once breakfast had been cleared away, Austin went to shower and get ready. Kage fixed himself a cup coffee and wondered upstairs to his office. He might was well check his emails while he waited.

Sitting down in his chair, he booted up his computer. As he waited, he sipped his coffee, contemplating which store to go to first. The shrill ringing of his cell phone dragged him out of his thoughts.

Pulling it out of his pocket, he accepted the call. “Good morning, Hudson.”

“We have confirmed the location.”

Kage set his coffee down. “Right to it, huh?”

“Yeah. Shit, Kage, it’s not all good news.”

Kage expected no less, honestly. “Okay, tell me.”

“It appears the information Tammy gave us is correct.”

That was a relief, seeing as Tammy was a hunter who’d approached Kage and Austin. She offered information on a base location. In exchange, she wanted them to rescue Oscar, a male werewolf she’d had a part in kidnapping.

Talk about a twist of Fate.

Hunters were abducting all kind of weres because they want to splice were generics with humans to make a super soldier that they could control in a war with paranormals. 

Turned out Tammy had been one of the first to be injected. No one foresaw a side effect being the mating bond wolves and other weres formed.

Oscar, the very wolf Tammy had a hand in abducting, was her mate. And she wanted him set free, thus the deal with Kage. She was being held in Hudson’s dungeon at the moment, making Hudson a very unhappy dragon. Tammy might be Oscar’s mate, but she was still a hunter and untrustworthy. At least the was Kage’s opinion.

Hudson recommendation was to serve up some barbequed hunter for dinner. So honestly, the dungeon really was the safest place for her.

“There is a site where she said in Montana, in the Bitterroot Mountain range,” Hudson said.

Kage leaned back in his chair. A mountain range made sense—very secluded and not easily reached. “So Tammy came through. Is the site active?”

“It was as of last evening.”

“That’s good, then. They haven’t abandoned it, even though Tammy went missing.”

“Yeah, that’s the good news.”

“Good news? What’s the bad?”

“We have visuals of underground targets thanks to 3D SAR.”

“Alright, James Bond, give it to me in English.” Kage was going to need more coffee if he was going to have to deal with Hudson in super spy mode.