Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Tuesday Teaser


~Excerpt from Edge of Darkness, book #1 in the Dragons of San DeLain

But what was really surprising were the vampires who showed their true nature. Of course the humans didn’t know they were among predators.

That was half the fun.

A vampire in his true form nodded to them, then proceeded to hand them a black wristband. Connie had been there enough to know the black represented the fact that they were paranormal. No wristband meant the wearer was human.

“Have a good evening, King Hudson and Sir Conrad.” The vampire bent his head slightly out of respect to Hudson.

“Thank you,” Hudson said.

“Thanks, man.” Connie grinned at the vampire as Hudson dragged him inside the club. The vampire smirked back at him, flashing his fangs.

They ate, then hit the dance floor. Lights flashed, and the music beat in his chest. People danced in groups, and hands trailed over his body—a teasing touch here, a quick grab there. 

Hudson ended up behind him with one of his hands resting against Connie’s stomach. He let the music fill him and take over. Moving his hips, began to rock to the beat. 

Hudson moved with him, grinding against his ass. Connie leaned his head against Hudson’s shoulder and wound his arm around Hudson’s neck as they rubbed against each other. A vampire ended up in front of Connie—moving with them but not touching. 

Smart vampire. Dragons were possessive to begin with and touching was off the table unless Hudson granted permission. Which Connie didn’t see happening. But that didn’t mean the other male couldn’t dance with them, as long as he behaved. 

A few humans joined their little circle. Maybe they picked up the vibes Hudson was giving off because they also did not touch either of them. That suited Connie. The only hands he wanted on him belong to Hudson.

Several songs played before Connie turned and grabbed Hudson by the hand, leading him off the floor. He headed straight for the bar. Thanks to being paranormal, regular human alcohol didn’t affect them, but he did like the taste of certain things.

“Beer?” Connie asked when they reached the bar.

Hudson nodded as he lifted his hair up and fanned his neck, trying to cool off. “Yes. That sounds good, actually.”

The bartender, the vampire in his true form, drifted over to them and nodded discreetly to Hudson. “What can I get you?”

Connie gave their orders, then turned back to Hudson. Even though Hudson was dressed in jeans, black boots, and a black silk T-shirt, in Connie’s eyes, he was sexier than any other person there. 

Hudson’s hair was down, with a simple braid by his face. His temples were slightly damp, and his cheeks were flushed from dancing. And even though he was leaning against the bar, grinning at Connie, there was an air of danger, of immense power, around him.

The male was sex on two legs, and he was all Connie’s. 

The bartender brought their drinks, and Connie paid him. Hudson grabbed Connie by the hand and led him away from the dance floor to one of the seating areas. He pulled a chair out for Connie then sat down across from him. Almost immediately, he felt a cooling breeze flow over him.

“Whew. Much cooler here.”

“Yeah.” Hudson pulled a hair tie off his wrist and twisted his hair on top of his head. “Much better.”

Connie indulged himself by staring at his lover. Hair up or down, it didn’t matter. Hudson was still striking. He sipped his drink as they chatted. The conversation mostly revolved around subjects that were safe to be overheard since there were definitely paranormals in the building.

But as they talked, the hair on the back of Connie’s neck stood up. A feeling of menace wrapped around him. Calmly he swallowed the sip he had just taken and nonchalantly scanned the area as he answered a question Hudson just asked.