Tuesday, February 7, 2012

His Little Tease

Greg clutched the steering wheel.
The drive up to the cabin for their weekend getaway hadn’t been bad; most of the rush hour traffic had thinned out by the time they left. No, it wasn’t the traffic that had him clutching the wheel: it was the hand down his jeans fondling his dick. After an hour of teasing, Greg was ready to explode.
“You’re asking for it,” Greg muttered as he pulled the truck back on the road yet again. He seriously reconsidered the plan he had hatched before they had left. “Swear to god, Jamie, if I get pulled over I’m telling the cop just what exactly you’ve been doing.”
“All you have to do is say stop.”
Greg didn’t say anything, but his breathing increased when Jamie squeezed his erect shaft.
“Yeah, that’s what I thought.”
“You’ve been warned,” Greg hissed as Jamie’s nimble fingers teased his balls. “Don’t make me come.”
“I’ve no intention of making you come,” Jamie said as he leaned closer and whispered in Greg’s ear. “What would be the fun in that?”
Greg was tempted to return to his plan of finding a little back road right then and fucking the little tease until he begged for mercy. That had been Plan A. He was now going with Plan B; that was, if he didn’t die from blue balls first.
“I’ll show you fun. Just wait. I’m going to have lots of fun when I yank those jeans down and paddle that ass for you. That’s just for starters, too.”
Jamie shivered in his seat. His three year relationship with Greg had been what others dreamed of. A month ago Greg had presented him with a ring and they had set a date to be married. Their relationship was equal and they made all decisions together. When they fought, they worked at the problem until they’d reached a compromise. 
But inside the bedroom… That was another thing entirely. There was no compromise in their sexual relationship. Greg ruled. His dominating personality or came out and Jamie loved it, loved that Greg understood what he needed in the bedroom and out. 
“Sounds… fun. I can see me bent over your lap, legs slightly spread open, you rubbing my ass, the sting of the slap as your hand connects . . . my skin turning pink, me begging—”
Greg’s control splintered. His hand wound in Jamie’s hair and jerked his head towards his lap. “You talk too much. Put that mouth to better use. Now.”
“But what if someone sees!” Jamie spluttered.
“Maybe they’ll give me a thumbs up,” Greg smirked. “You’ve been asking for this for a while.”
“Feeling a bit rebellious, are we?” Greg said. “I can arrange it so that you don’t cum until tomorrow.” 
“You wouldn’t!”
“Keep talking and you’re going to find out.” Greg cut his eyes at Jamie, his hand still buried in his hair. “Don’t make me tell you again.”
Jamie got as comfortable as he could, unbuttoned Greg’s jeans and inhaled the scent of aroused flesh. His mouth watering, Jamie pulled Greg’s underwear back and hard flesh slapped up to greet him. The head was slick with precum and the thick vein that ran down Greg’s shaft throbbed. 
The hand in his hair loosened and gently petted as Jamie licked the head, running his tongue through copious amounts of precum. Jamie moaned as he edged closer, he had to have that delicious piece of meat in his mouth. Jamie closed his lips over the angry head of Greg’s dick, his tongue stabbing at opening in the top. 
“Oh yeah, that’s good.” Greg grunted as a hot, wet mouth closed over him. 
The truck slowed down briefly then sped back up. The little imp was still teasing him. Greg’s breathing picked up as he imagined Jamie, hands tied to his thighs, on his knees with his ass up in the air, helpless while he fucked him. At the rate he was going, Greg was tempted to keep him bound all night. 
Jamie lifted his head. “We’re barely moving, just thought I’d point that out.”
“Shit.” Greg looked at the dash. Jamie was right, he was twenty miles under the speed limit.
Jamie let a small smile cross his face as he worked Greg’s dick into his mouth. He badly wanted to fist his own dick but he knew that wasn’t allowed. Jamie bobbed his head up and down Greg’s dick then dived down and buried his nose in Greg’s pubs. A strangled cry sounded above him as he lodged Greg’s dick in his throat… then he hummed. 
The car jerked again as Greg’s body twitched.
“Mmm, suck it…” Greg threaded his hand through Jamie’s hair. “Second thought, make me come. I’ll last longer when we get to the cabin.”
Jamie knew then he was getting fucked hard as soon as they arrived. His dick ached in his jeans as he pulled up the length of Greg’s shaft, hollowing his checks as he sucked. His other hand toyed with Greg’s balls through his jeans. Greg’s dick swelled in his mouth just he as licked the head again. 
“Gonna come, Jamie. Take it all, gonna fill your mouth full… Oh yeah, babe.”
Greg fought slamming his head back against the truck seat as he exploded in Janie’s mouth. Greg had a white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel and his other hand was twisted in Jamie’s hair controlling his head. His hips thrust frantically as Jamie sucked him dry. Greg was so involved with what that hot mouth was doing to his dick he nearly missed the turn off to the cabin.
Jamie hardly noticed the change from smooth pavement to the bumpy gravel road, he was too busy trying not to choke. Cum seeped down his chin from the massive load Greg had shot, a sure sign he had pushed Greg to the very edge of his control. He went to raise his head up but the hand tangled in his hair stopped him.
“You just stay where you’re at and amuse yourself. We’ll be at the cabin in fifteen minutes and I’d better be hard again.”
Jamie licked the soft dick that now lay in a nest of jet black pubs. “Yeah? Why’s that?”
“Cause I’m going to fuck your ass as soon as we arrive. Going to fuck you so hard anyone in a mile of us will be able to hear you scream for me.”
Jamie blew against the head of Greg’s dick and kissed the head. Damn thing was perking up again and Jamie’s ass twitched. He couldn’t wait to feel his channel being stretched wide. God, he wanted to jack his dick.
“A mile, huh? How’s that going to work with us inside?”
“What makes you think I’m going to wait until we’re inside?” Greg pushed Jamie’s head towards his dick, trying not to laugh at the startled squeak from Jamie. “Now suck me back to hardness, babe.”
Greg had a small trail size packet of lube he had thrown in the truck side door pocket before they left. As Jamie sucked his dick he wondered how he would react when he saw it. He had planned to make a little side trip on their way to the cabin but Jamie’s antics had given him another idea.
He was raging hard again when he parked in front of the cabin. He barely gave Jamie time to get his mouth off his dick before he was out the door and around the truck, pulling Jamie out. Dragging Jamie by the wrist, he hauled him around the side of the cabin to where a thick blanket of trees provided cover and stripped off both their shirts. 
Greg’s hands grabbed Jamie by the throat, the tips of his fingers touching Jamie’s thick brown hair. Tilting his head back Greg closed his eyes as Jamie nibbled on his chin slowly working his way down to his neck. His jeans were sliding off his hips with the help of Jamie’s eager hands.
“Love you,” Jamie said. The cool wood of the cabin against his back and the hot man in front of him had his head spinning. 
“Love you, too,” Greg moaned as his jeans slipped lower, “my little tease.”
That was the last thing either said until Jamie’s pleasurable screams echoed through the woods.