Monday, February 13, 2012

My Interview with Dale from The Harvest pt 2

~I would love for Dale to tell me the weirdest Ta’Narian custom that he just can’t wrap his head around and doesn’t take part in?

Long ago, in what I call their more barbaric period, Raztna Anuge was performed. It’s a tradition in which a greased Branta is suspended over water. Young Ta’Narians jump from water crafts and attempt to rip off the head of the Branta.
This competition served as a way for the young Ta’Narians to prove their strength and eligibility to probable mates. In addition to winning the adoration of a mate, the winners also got to keep the Branta.

~Before you came to Ta'Nar what was your occupation? I briefly remembered computers being mentioned but I don’t remember much else.

Man, that was so long ago. It feels like a different lifetime now. That other person is someone I barely know now. I hadn’t been out of college long and had a degree in computer science. At the time I wasn’t working, there had been major lay-offs in our town. It’s why I was living at home in my early twenties when I was harvested.

~Did you ever think about really studying botany? It seems to come natural to you, the way you turned the Ta'Narian catnip flower into a fragrance that you could control the potency is genius; the average person can’t do that.

Well thank you! I don’t know if what I did was really all that special. I mean, I have equipment that I call ‘retard resistant’. *Laugh* if it can survive Chad…

I have thought about it, maybe when the young get a little older. I’ve used the device that downloads information into the brain to explore the subject a little. Mainly I’ve stuck with the plants that are native to Ta’Nar but I did use it to study Ta’Narian Katnip. Of course I had a reason. *Laugh*

~I know that you have implemented earth customs in the Ta'Narian society. Since Ta'Nar is now mixed bearers do you think that other customs and celebratory days from the other planets could be interwoven?

What I did wasn’t done on purpose; like the young shower for example. It just kind of happened. That was supposed to be nothing more than a little party for just a few friends. And we all know how that turned out! Celebrating Christmas came as a shock to me.

But yeah, I do think our mates will now be more open to introducing new customs. I’d like to see other customs shared here on Ta’Nar. I think that would be cool. I also think it would help mates to adjust to a new life. I think it can only help Ta’Nar grow as a planet to embrace new idea’s.

~The theory or the ramifications of the “Harvest” was reconstructed to be more humane, is that just on earth or did that change on for the other planets too? Since you did such a great job at the meeting with the new applicants will be you going to more recruitment sessions?

I do believe-since the last Harvest on Earth went so well-King Duran will use that approach from now on. It was time for some changes. I said from the beginning they acted like bullies on the playground. Now they have seen what a little less fear and a little more willingness to work with other species can do.

I plan to; I really hope I can. I mean, you never know what life has around the next corner but this is something I want to do. It makes a huge difference. What I would like to do is have mates go back to their home planets and recruit. I think it would make a bigger impact coming from their own kind. Then they could also see others of us that have become mates and hear our stories.

~Do you and Keyno plan on having more children? If so what would be your reaction to having the first dual Ta'Narian? I know I’m asking for a miracle but you were double dosed and you are really special.

Okay, did Keyno slip that question in? *Laugh* I don’t know that I’ll have a choice about having more young. It depends on how my Estrus Cycle goes. But I do want more, just not right now. I have my hands full with these two. *Laugh* don’t even mention anything else odd happening to me! I’ve met my quota. I’m praying that having twins was a once in a lifetime thing.

~Have you or Keyno noticed that your children have chosen their mates from the womb? Is this normal with Ta'Narian’s or is this something new with the mutation of interspecies breeding?

I caught it first. But then, I had these little voices whispering to me. *Laugh* I didn’t say anything cause… well, look at how Chad acted when I told him he was in trouble. Ended up I was right, and don’t think I haven’t remained dumbass of it, but still.

As far as I know this isn’t normal. I’m guessing it revolves around just my circle of friends. It’s possible that my being double dose somehow did all this. Just like everything else connected with me, no one truly knows why this happened.

~Okay, I understand security for the king Duran and his mate Juan. How often do the other children interact with his new baby?

Hate to say it but it’s restricted to just our circle of friends and others that King Duran trusts. King Duran is very careful who he allows near his young, especially since it took Juan so long to get pregnant. Can you imagine what would happen if another group like the sknom went after Juan’s young?

It wouldn’t have to a group from Ta’Nar, either. What if another species that the Ta’Narians pissed off, and there were many before the war with the Onfre, decided to get revenge by killing King Duran’s young?

~Now that you know about your brother in law’s friend Hunter and his son, would there be more interaction with him and the other children? I know his dad is not part of the space crew but it seems that the new generation is just different and are somewhat closer with one another?

I think there will be. I hope so. I like Hunter; he seems like a nice guy and all the young got along very well. Even if I question Hunter’s choice in friends. *Laugh* I’m kidding, of course. Evan and I made our peace over Christmas. Or maybe I should say Evan made peace.

~Would family gatherings with your earth family occur more often? I remember when your family came over for the holidays the children were initially caught off guard because they have not seen a female before.

The Ta’Narians are just now learning to open up and trust other species, and the same can be said of other species, too. I think we’ll be going to Earth more in the future. The Earthlings will need help with their space program and that will be the perfect time for us to visit.

Keyno, and other starship captains, will be needed to help the humans train to command a ship. Plus train a crew, too. So yeah, I think there will be plenty of opportunities’ for all of us to get together.  

~Why in the hell hasn't he reduplicated a pair of tight ass jeans and gotten out of those yoga pants? I'd love to see him bare-chested and poured into a pair, all hot and yummy. Bet Keyno would too! Not while preggos of course, but any other time.

Okay, okay! *Laugh* Which one of you guys has that overgrown alley cat been talking to??? He’s been after me for that very thing. I guess, out of the goodness of my heart, I’ll make some jeans up and put a smile on his face!

~I know you like to work with plants; do they have schools or universities? Do you want to do something when the boys get older?

Do you remember the device that Keyno used that transmitted knowledge into my brain? That’s what’s used. It starts at about 2 months of age. As they get older more appropriate material is fed to them. Of course, they are tested before they can move on though. If they fail they have to repeat the course.

The Ta’Narians do not have a school system like Earth. Raiden and Szin will train with other groups of boys that either have connections to the royal family or are connected to the palace three times a week from age eleven until age eighteen. That’s ages in Earth years. They learned how to use different weapons, and the skills needed to fight. There are many training type facilities based on Ta’Nar.

~Does Szin and Takeo being mates effect your and Keyno’s relationship with Cielo and Ti in anyway?

Not at all. I know M took some heat for that chapter in our lives, but it is what it is.

(I should mention that Dale was very uncomfortable about this subject, and not because of the few negative responses I got on that part. He blushed the whole time on that subject, lol. Wonder why, lol?)

That's the end of Dale's interview. Be watching for the next one!


  1. :) Finally got around to reading this! I saw it posted earlier, but got busy. Such a neat idea and it gives us a tiny bit more of what we all crave. Cannot wait for the young stories!

  2. This just makes me want to read the Harvest all over. Again. Lol! I don't know how many times I have read it now, but it is still just as amazing and spectacular as it was the first time. Some days it's even better. That being said, I cannot wait for Szin's and Takeo's story!!! I understand how frustrating it must be, people constantly asking when it's going to be finished, and so I am so sorry for asking but do you know when? Ugh. Now I feel awful for being like those other people. Again, so sorry!

    1. Well, I am not used to blogs at all so I pushed "Reply" as a mistake. Sorry!

    2. Anon... *grin* don't worry about it! I make mistakes on this thing all the time, lol, and other blogs! I'm still learning how to use it, lol. I'm just glad you stopped by! :)


  3. *Laugh* it's not a problem! I have chapter 1 done on them, but that's all. I don't want to put something out then leave it hanging for what could be several months. Don't worry, asking questions doesn't frustrated me at all, lol.

    *Grin* I need more hours in the day or a clone! Or the ability to type faster, lol. :)


  4. LOL! Great interview and you included one of my questions, YAY! I was just re-reading The Harvest, since I was out of new material to distract me from my writing failure. I do so love the story, and can't wait for more of the younger generation. I think you really captured people's imagination and hearts with Dale and Keyno's story. Any thoughts on epublishing it? Even on your own, if you don't want to send it to a publisher? It's something I think would do very well!

  5. At a later point this year I'm going to shop Harvest around and see if there is any interest. Just god, it's going to take a *lot* of work to whip it into shape, lol. :)

  6. Just found your site, and I read Harvest quite a while ago. Have you re-posted it anywhere, or found a publisher?

    1. Hey! Harvest shouldn't be posted anywhere. I'm self-editing it... trying to get it ready to send out. If/when it gets picked up, lol, I'll be yelling about it from the rooftops! *grin*


  7. Just reading this interview made me want to read The Harvest again. It's a shame it's no longer posted on Lit. Gosh I can't wait to hear when you announce that you will be publishing it.