Monday, March 12, 2012

Deleted Stories

I see that The Harvest, Priceless, Perfect and Pure have been deleted from Literotica. Just wanted to make a quick update just in case the other post on this was missed. I did delete both series from Lit, and it wasn't an easy choice. There have been so many stories stolen from Lit lately-and while Lit seems to be taking an interest in forcing the sites to close that do this-they just pop right back up under a new name and start stealing again.

That's bad enough, but several authors' have had things stolen and published as ebooks!

This is what made me put the delete request in at Lit. I plan to publish both series, starting with Priceless, so to protect myself I deleted both series. That's not to say I won't publish at Lit. ever again. I do have plans for The Yellow Rope and the follow up to Kiss Me Deadly. Then there is the young stories.

LOL, I have lots and lots of plans. :)