Monday, June 25, 2012

Manga and Romance Blog Hop

First off let me say a big thank you to everyone that joined over the weekend, and for all the comments! Wow, I wasn’t expecting such a great turn-outyou guys rock. I’m thrilled, tickled, and awed! I hope you new guys hang out and enjoy my blog. I try to make it interesting and fun. :)

Um, the regulars can tell ya I’m a *little* flighty lol.
*Big grin*
But hey, it sure makes for some interesting posts LOLOLOL!!! I never know what silliness awaits me around the next corner. :) --------->
Yes, I'm a cat person lol. I'll have to fill y'all in on Kitty-Kitty some other time. It's a good example of the odd things that happen to me!

Okay, now for what everyone is tapping their foot and waiting for me to get to! *hehe* I put the names in a hat and let the kiddo draw one out. Yes, I really used a hat lol. And the winner of the Reluctant Romance Anthology is...


Linda, I'll be emailing you soon. :)