Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nighttime Dreams

Hey guys! I've got good news, LOL!!!

The sequel, Nighttime Dreams, is now under contract with Romance First! The release date is November. 

So yay! And I'm kinda happy with that date because I've got lots of stuff coming in the next few months and don't want it to get lost.

Here's a little excerpt. Remember this hasn't gone through editing with the publisher so it may change. But I wanted you guys to meet Bryan, our country sheriff. :)


Nighttime Dreams
by MA Church

As Bryan opened his truck door he glanced back at the night sky. He ran his hand through his short inky black hair and shrugged. “Maybe I should follow Shawn’s example and make a few nighttime wishes myself. What do I have to lose? Absolutely nothing.”  

He had gone straight to the police academy when he finished high school. At six and a half feet, with a muscular body, he breezed through. After graduation he had worked as an officer in one of the largest cities in the states, quickly moving up the ranks. He fell in love three times during those yearstwo men and a woman. Each left him. Their excuse was they couldn’t handle the stress of living with a police officer. He had known there were other reasons, especially with the men in his life.

Not long after the last break up he had been called to a bank robbery that went horribly wrong. The fleeing suspects had body armor and armor piercing bullets. The police had done their best, but were out-gunned. Several officers had died, along with many innocent bystanders, before the standoff was resolved. He came away with a gunshot wound to the shoulder. Once recovered, Bryan knew he needed a change. He wanted peace, and the urge to return home was a constant thought. 

By age thirty-two he had returned to his home town. A year later he won the office of sheriff in a close race. He had refused to hide his sexuality, and there were enough narrow-minded people who tried to use that to their advantage. Now, at thirty- four, what did he have to show for all his hard work? Not much outside of a few gray strands in his hair, several laugh lines around his sapphire blue eyes and a metabolism that slowed more with each passing year. He had to work longer in the gym to keep the washboard stomach, trim waist and tight ass.

“Wouldn’t you know it? The first person who’s snagged my attention ends up with an alien,” Bryan said, driving away from Shawn’s empty house. “And not the illegal kind either. I swear my luck sucks, sucks big time. Seriously, why can’t I catch a break? I just want someone to care for me like that, is it too much to ask for?”

Bryan pulled in his driveway and parked. Getting out of the truck he again stared up at the nighttime sky, failing to see the flickering light that followed him home.

“I wish you the best, man. You seemed to know what you wanted. I envy you.”

Locking the truck he went inside, stripped and got ready for bed. Now that the adrenaline had worn off his body was exhausted, but his mind refused to shut down for the night. Tomorrow would be a busy day, and he needed to be one his toes if called to deal with the suits. It wouldn’t be long until it was obvious Shawn was missing. Things were bound to get interesting then.