Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Snark

Hey guys!  Check this out... I found this interesting exercise today done by some author's and decided to join. Now, y'all that know me know how fond I am of learning new things, so lol, bear with me while I figure this out.

This is called Saturday Snark and it's at Marie Sexton's blog! This is something she used to do in the past and has recently started again. It sounds like a lot of fun. It's kind of like a blog hop that centers around characters being snarky.

*Gasps and points to self* I have characters who fall in this category??? LOL, you bet I do. So here is my excerpt from Priceless.

“I don’t have anything to wear except what I had on last night.”
“Tell me what sizes you wear, and I’ll have the concierge pick you out something and
“The hell you will,” Randy said, a thread of steel in his voice.
Eyes locked as they stared at each other, a battle of wills. The fact Garrett didn’t see anything wrong with what he said made Randy want to beat his head against the nearest hard surface… which seemed to be Garrett’s head. Randy had no doubt Garrett snapped his fingers and people jumped in all directions for him.
Did he have any idea what clothes in those little casino shops cost? Randy glanced at the jeans he had tossed in the chair last night. Right, he forgot there for a minute. Anyone who could afford those kinds of jeans, and was willing to pay that god-awful price for them, could afford anything in those retail shops. Probably buy the whole damn shop too.
“Garrett, I’m just several floors down from here. I can run to my room, shower, get dressed, and be back up here in no time. Forty minutes, an hour tops, and I’ll be back.”
“You really have a problem with me wanting to spend money on you,” Garrett said. The disbelief in his face stung and managed to trip Randy’s pissed-off switch.
“Garrett, get this through that thick head of yours. I’m not sitting here, naked and in your bed, because of the money you throw around.” Randy sat his coffee cup on the nightstand with a snap. “I’m here because I’m interested in younot your money or what you can or might buy me. Your money makes me uncomfortable, and the fact you seem to think money can buy you anything blows me away. Can you put that elitist, asshole attitude in park for a while, and
“The last person that spoke to me like that got thrown out of my office on his ass.”
“Well, hell, can I put my pants on before you toss me out?”
Silence hung in the room for several minutes. Garrett snorted out a surprised laugh, caught off guard again by the sheer audacity Randy showed. “Okay, point made. Damn, you’ve got a mouth on you.”
“You weren’t complaining about my mouth last night.”
“I wasn’t complaining now, believe me,” Garrett said as he sat back down on the bed. “Finish your coffee and come back up here.”

Hope you enjoyed this! I'm going to try and do this every Satureday. Make sure to check out the other author's taking part too. :)