Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Snark

Hey guys! Today’s little bit of snark comes from Nighttime Dreams which is due out in November. Just a reminder: Bryan, a good ole country boy at heart, was the sheriff from Nighttime Wishes.
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Bryan kept his eyes on both aliens. What was going on? They looked ready to square off. “Hey, I have no intention of harming Shawn—”

“Oh, only us?” Daroshi snapped as he turned to look at Shawn.

Zing sliced his hand through the air trying to stop what was fast building into another useless conversation. “Regardless—”

Bryan gripped the knife. “He didn’t fucking ambush my ass after I went to all the trouble of covering for you guys—”

“We couldn’t very walk in the front door!” Daroshi hissed. “In case you didn’t notice we don’t look human.”

“Nor did he stun me!” Bryan yelled.

“Dear gods, come on Shawn,” Ziang muttered.

Daroshi pointed his finger at Bryan. “You stunned my commander first—”

“I had two big ass aliens after me, of course I tased him! What did you expect after the way you busted through the window? You think I was going to offer you a beer? And fuck, my house is probably gonna burn down since I left the damn stove on!” Bryan bellowed. “Son of a bitch, I left the damn stove on!”

The door to Medical opened and Shawn walked inside with Blayno guarding him. He had heard most of the conversation from outside.

“Huh, I did tell you he wouldn’t come without a fight.” Smirking, Shawn took in the flushed faces of Daroshi and Bryan. “Think I also warned you to disarm him.”

Daroshi threw his hands up in the air. “Gods! Are all humans like this?”

“Only the ones half scared out of their minds.” Shawn turned to Bryan. “How’s it hanging, dude?”