Friday, October 12, 2012

Spooktacular Giveaway

Does your relationship have more cracks than a witch’s cauldron?

Want to put the magic back into the bedroom? It’s couples therapy weekend at hotel BJ, a vacation resort that’s so far South that you can’t help but hear the banjos dueling! And it’s Halloween weekend…

Will more than damaged relationships be brought back from the dead? Anything’s possible on this magic night! Let the authors of the Haunted Hotel anthology show you how it’s done!

A Multi-author M/M anthology from the writers of Wednesday Briefs, who bring you prompt induced Flash fiction every Wednesday. Bigger Briefs is an anthology we began to showcase our slightly bigger briefs. Er, flash fiction. We invite you to take the journey with us!


Hey guys! Guess what’s out in time for Halloween? That’s right, the Bigger Brief anthology Haunted Hotel. And guess who’s returned this time too… Zane and Neil! Yay, my boys are back for another story.


Now for the fun part, lol. I’m giving away an ebook copy of the anthology. The contest ends Sunday evening.

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~Tell me if you believe in ghosts. Bwauuuahhhhha.

A Ghostly Whisper

By M.A. Church

“Surely you’re not saying you think this place is haunted? There’s no such thing as—”

“Oh my God, don’t you dare say it!”

Neil shrugged as he walked back to the kitchen.

“All this can be explained, babe. The lights flickering from the wind, faulty wiring on the hot tub—and isn’t that a nice thought—plus this is Halloween weekend. Maybe the owners of this place thought it would be funny to rig up one of the cabins. Did you check those brochures to see if they planned any activities for the holiday? Maybe a haunted cabin type thing? Bet this is nothing more than that. It’s all for fun, a joke.”

“Do I look like I’m fucking laughing?”

“That’s not your happy face?” Neil held up a hand. “Sorry. How about we go back to the lobby and ask to be moved. Would that help?”

“I’m all for leaving.”

“Come on, babe. We’re on vacation. Let’s just ask for another cabin.”

“Fine. Whatever. I’m still not laughing.”

“So I see. And babe? There’s no such things as ghosts.

Before Zane could open his mouth the lights flickered in the cabin, flashed back on, then went out. Off in the woods something howled—a long mournful cry of loneliness that was answered by another call. Zane was across the room, flinging himself at Neil before the last wail ended. A soft laugh echoed through the cabin.

“Stop laughing at me!” Zane reared back to glare at Neil.

“Um, that wasn’t me—”

A sharp, low mournful cry echoed around them.

“Shit! Shit a brick! Fuck this, I’m out of here!” With a screech, Zane flung himself away from Neil. “Explain that! That was some sort of ghostly laugh!”

Neil grabbed at Zane’s wrist. “Would you just wait a minute? Dammit, Zane. You can string fishing line, strum it, and it’ll make that exact type of noise. Trust me, I pulled that stunt on my roomies in the past.

“I… am…. leaving.” Zane jerked his hand away from Neil. “Right fucking now. If you care for me at all you’ll get your ass in the truck.”

 “Damn.” Neil rubbed his hands over his face. “All right, babe. Let’s go upstairs and pack—”

“Only place I’m going is to the truck. Leave the damn clothes... They’re just clothes. We’ll buy more damn clothes, tons of clothes, but I’m out of here.” Zane glowered at Neil, then turned and left the cabin. The truck was close enough he could see Zane clearly in the moonlight as he opened the door and sat down.

“Well, alrighty then. Guess I’m doing the packing and then we’ll be leaving. And I didn’t even get to finish my sandwich.” Neil shook his head at how Zane had reacted. He spied a rechargeable flashlight hung nearby and clicked it on.

 “Ah well, as long as there’s a bed somewhere along the way we can still have a nice vacation.”

Neil turned back to the kitchen. He placed the flashlight by the sink and picked up their plates. He’d clean up then go upstairs to pack. He’d just finished dumping his food when the air temperature dropped suddenly. The air turned frigid—he could actually see his breath.

“What the hell?”

As he reached for the flashlight, the battery went dead.


  1. I definitely believe in ghosts! I love halloween. :)

    my email is

  2. Yes I do believe in ghost although I've never saw one. I think anything is possible. I'm pretty sure if I saw a ghost I would be scared to death.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  3. I believe in ghosts but I don't think that humans can see them. My email is

  4. Well, I believe in ghosts but I don't think they are anything like some visualize in movies.
    And that story was pretty spooky...
    My email is

  5. I believe in ghosts. In fact our old house was haunted by an elderly man that you could see sometimes in the bedroom window from the front yard. And my nephew when he was a todler would point at the ceiling and babble at something. Totally weird sometimes.

  6. ooh yes, definitely believe in ghosts...


  7. yes I do believe in ghost

  8. When I was 13 I had an experience that I can still vividly remember....
    I went to a junior high dance with a friend of mine who went to a catholic school. The fad at the time was going to the bathroom having a friend grab your neck and you breath in quickly 10 times. I passed out, I remember a vivid white domed light a man walking towards me.

    When I told my mom what happened I gave a detailed description of what the man looked like. Three months later we were at my grandmas in NY and going through and old family album and there was a picture of an older gentleman, I looked got all excited and screamed for my mom.

    I said look mom there's that man I saw she looks at me funny and asked me when did I see him and I told her at the dance. She explained it was her dad my grandpa. He died when she was 19. He died before I was born. I then decided to consider him my guardian angel. So yes I believe in ghosts.

  9. I don't believe in ghosts, but that might just be a defense mechanism so I'm not perpetually scared!


  10. oooooh this sounds good. I defintely believe in spirits. I'm terrified of the idea of experiencing them but I do believe in them. One experience I had was right after my pet rat, Socks, died. Rats are great pets by the way, smart, clean, love interacting with you. Anyway, Socks had passed and I was broken-hearted like I always am after losing a pet. It may sound childish, but I had a little brown mouse stuffed animal that made me feel closer to him and I usually left it on my bed, so I was looking everywhere for it. I had all but stripped the bed down and decided to look on the floor. I went to the end of the bed and didn't find the mouse, but found an electrical cord that my blanket that usually sat on the bed had fallen off and was wrapped around the plug. It was so hot and I know I'd have had a fire if I hadn't caught it. I turned around and there was the mouse sticking out from under my pillow! I know Socks protected us that night. My fear of a fire is very great b/c I have so many pets, I'm terrified I'd not be able to get them all out.
    I recently saw an episode of 'Haunted Collector' and you can go on youtube and find the video. It is a theater they were looking in. There is no doubt that they caught a spirit on film. I don't think it was bull like many of those shows are. The guy who worked there said it was the exact thing that so many of the workers had seen. It was clearly a woman's white dress that went from the side of the stage to the piece of film they'd removed from a time capsule put in a cornerstone during the building of the theater which they had gotten permission to open up. When they took the film, which was very expensive to make during the time it was, it was a beautiful woman looking into the camera for a number of frames. They figured she must have been a star from the time. I've no doubt they caught that on tape. It's wild. Look it up! Ok, freaking myself out so i better go to sleep! :)

  11. i do believe in ghosts and they scares me to deathhh but i didnt see one yet or it will be my doom nighttt my email is

  12. This looks to be Really good stories!! Just reading the exerpt I had shivers going up my back and I was laughing at how Zane jumped Neil. Promises to be great stories.

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  14. I don't really believe in ghosts though I don't deny it is possible they exist at some level. ^.^


  15. Yes I believe in ghosts! Love ghost stories and your writing! My email

  16. I don't believe in ghosts. That may be because I would be scared shitless if they were real, so I've convinced myself they aren't!

  17. Yes, I believe in the supernatural. There are many mysterious things in this world. Just because I can't see them, doesn't mean they don't exist.


  18. I believe ghosts exist and in the spiritual realm.

    strive4bst(AT) yahoo(Dot) com

  19. I'm certainly willing to believe that the spirits of the dead can interact with us.


  20. Yeah I believe in ghosts *shivers*

    Mo x

  21. Every now and then a ghost story is too real not to believe :))
    Sebrewster @ hotmail dot com

  22. Do I believe in ghosts? Sadly, yeah, yeah I do - but due to cats (they still want their pets even after they die ... demanding creatures)

  23. Yes, I believe in ghost. I have had a couple of experiences with them. Years ago my uncle died of a heart attack and I know I saw him standing with another man in the room I was in with his daughter watching us. Years later my sister and I shared a house that was haunted by a female ghost. You could smell the weird but nice perfume at certain times of the day and one night she pulled my sisters clothes out of the closet. She was friendly at least, oh the cat would play with her all the time.

  24. Hey. (: My name is Ashlynn. My email is and yeah I believe in ghosts. There are a lot of things that we can't explain. They say every story has a grain of truth. Every culture has myths, and legends that are passed down about ghosts, fantasmas, gheists, and yúreís. These are all the different names used for ghosts in different languages.

  25. I believe in ghost ........ (Can't believe I just said that) yea I believe in ghost even though I'm really really scared of them because there are something that just can't be explained logically and ghost or spirit are the answer to that.
    I had a couple of experiences with them when I was kid back in the mountain villa, woke up middle of night to see like this groups of people dressed in white in middle of street, I saw them from my bedroom which is upstairs. My friends cabins located in the same mountain is also haunted because if you go to bathroom middle of night sometimes you will see a woman beside you in the mirror reflection .............. ok now I'm scared and will sleep with the lights on.
    Bottoms line is I believe ghost exist because I've had a couple of experience with them and 2nd is because there are thousand news of sighting or news about them like a student possessed and other stuff like that.

  26. I can deny all I want about believing in ghosts, but the truth is, I *do* believe in them. In fact, I may or may not have seen one when I was 11 or 12 in our old apartment. It was a 2 br 1 ba. My mom had one br, my aunt had the other, and I had part of the living room sectioned off my curtains. I saw a blond woman in a pink shirt walk through my "room", and disappear through the wall. I thought she was mother at first. (I hadn't done more than glanced up from my book.) Of course, by the time she was disappearing, I realized she wasn't my mother at all. It's strange that I even remember that, considering my horrible memory. :/

    1. Dammit, M! Thanks to that spooky clip, the shadow branches outside my second-story window are looking mighty sinister... And I don't even have a tree outside my window! It's in the neighbor's yard, which is a few feet away, but they look much closer... *May decide to creep down to the basement and sleep with my mother* o.o

      ..Or sleep with the lights on. Damn, M. That clip of yours, combined with the evil red eyes my Sims 3 child saw under his bed, and lack of sleep has me jumpy now. -.-

  27. I definitely believe in ghost now i didnt before but right after my twin nefews past things from keys going missing and i do mean missing not misplaced to my niece and lil cousin speaking to...well i guess youd say air and then when ased who they were talking or playing with theyd say it was the twin Naydear or Rajaee.It freaked me out at first now it makes me smile and laugh or pull my hair out when ice comes flying out of the ice dispencer.

  28. Yes I do believe in ghosts. The human body contains such a massive amount of energy that as a physics nerd I have a hard time believeing that it just dissapates completely upon death without leaving some kind of resonance. I don't believe however that all these "ghost hunting" shows are even a little legitimate. I mean really, standing in the dark going "If you're there give us a sign!" so not legit. Sorry went into rant mode for a second there. I'm back.

  29. in the day light, I don't believe in ghost, but when I'm alone at night, and the house in cracking, I'm usually having secound Thoughts...

    kahlon_m @ walla . co . il

  30. I believe that aside from us there are entities, ghost or realms exist...