Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday Briefs

This is the last flash on the brothers. Welcome to the Wednesday Briefers flash group. The short stories have a maximum of a 1000 word count plus links at the bottom to the other flashers. Either use word prompts or pic prompts.
The word prompts for this week are: “Welcome to my home, I am...” 
or use: ghost, lightning, fear  
or use Halloween candy in some way  
or "It's alive!"  
or use any sort of vampire or werewolf or mummy or witch. 
Choices #5
Sandler raised his head, but didn’t have time to think as Cooper stripped him bare. Before he had time to question, Cooper was pushing him toward the bed. Toppling back, he set quietly as Cooper undressed. Tattoos covered Cooper’s body. Both arms, his chest, his legs, his stomach… Sandler gulped as Cooper finally finished undressing and stood before him, naked and proud.
The tats weren’t the only new things Cooper had done to his body since he left home. Both his nipples were pierced, as was his belly button. But what really caught his eye was the Prince Albert Cooper was sporting. Holy hell, he’d seen pictures on the web, but seeing it for real was something else. What the fuck would that feel like when Cooper plowed his ass? For that matter, his throat?
“Like what you see, little brother?” Copper stepped closer, his dick pointing up toward his stomach, inches from Sandler’s face.
“Oh God, it’s beautiful. You’re beautiful, every bit of you.” Sandler reached out, his hand trembling. “Did it hurt bad?”
“Want to find out?”
Sandler eyes snapped up.
Cooper had a slight grin on his face. “You’d be so sexy with a PA and pierced nipples. Then I could attach a chain between the rings.”
Sandler turned pale. “I-I-I…”
“But not right now, right?” Cooper moved closer, his cock brushing against Sandler’s lips. “Maybe a little later when things aren’t so overwhelming. How about something that’s not quite so frightening, hmm? Suck me, pet. I want to feel your mouth on me.”
Sandler sighed softly as he closed his lips over the head of Copper’s dick. This he could do. And yes, he could feel the PA as he bobbed on Cooper’s dick, taking a bit more each time, his eyes drifting close. Cool silken flesh filled his mouth. Jesus, Cooper was hung like a horse. He himself was no slouch in that department either, but wow, his brother had been truly blessed.
Cooper tasted unlike any other guy he’d ever sucked; the musky scent of aroused male filled his head. His own unadorned cock begged for attention, but he ignored his need. He’d dreamed of this for way too many years and nothing was going to distract him now. Humming happily he sucked Cooper deeper, his hands latching on to Cooper’s ass, pulling his closer.
“Look at me,” Cooper whispered, his hands threading through Sandler’s hair.
Sandler opened his eyes and looked up. For a moment they stared at each other, time slowing down.
“You need to stop or I’m going to come. And when I come, I want to be buried in your virgin ass.”
Sandler pulled off, eyes still focused on Cooper and what he saw on his brother’s face: desire, strength, love. He didn’t give a damn what society had to say about their relationship, this was right, and nothing was going to stand in their way.
The next few minutes were a blur of movement. Then Sandler found himself on his back in the middle of the bed with Cooper looming over him.
“Bend your knees and spread your legs open.”
Cooper was next to Sandler, on his knees, looking down at his brother. There was a flash of fear, then those legs moved like he asked. Heaven help him, Sandler was in his bed and spread out… waiting. He fumbled in the night side table, knocking things around, until he found the lube and condoms. Quickly he slicked his fingers.
Kissing Sandler’s bent knee, he looked at his brother. “Oh, how sexy. Jack that cock for me, pet. That’ll help with the sting you’ll feel. I’m going to take it easy, but, don’t come until I say.”
Sandler bit his lip as Cooper’s finger teased his hole, spreading lube. Then that long finger dipped inside, and the burn hit. How the hell was he going to take Cooper’s cock when one finger burned that way? He already felt like he was stuffed to the breaking point. He moaned, unsure if pleasure or the burn was winning, then Cooper’s lips were on his and it didn’t matter anymore. Minutes passed as Cooper fingered him, opening him, then another finger entered his ass. He stiffened, ready to tell Cooper he couldn’t do this… when suddenly pleasure ignited and flashed through his body.
Jerking his mouth away from Cooper’s, Sandler arched on the bed, his half-hard cock surging to full hardness. “Oh… God!”
“That’s it, ride the feeling, love.” Cooper’s smile was strained. Seeing Sandler react like that pushed his limits. “That’s your prostate I’m stroking. Nothing like it in the world, huh?”
“Oh, God… oh God… please! Please… do something. I-I… need…”
Cooper added another finger, watching as Sandler’s head thrashed on the bed. Might not exactly be what Sandler meant by do something, but he needed to be stretched up a bit more.
“Please, Cooper! Fuck me, take me… just do something… it’s too much and not enough. I-I… please!”
Cooper had Sandler’s legs on his shoulders before the desperate rant finished. One hard thrust and he was seated… moving in tight heat. Hoarse yells and scratching hands surrounded him as he finally, finally, was where he dreamed of being… balls deep in his little brother. The pain gave way to pleasure and Sandler moved with him, their bodies singing together in a dance as old as time itself. The room receded, sounds faded, and even the air around them seem to wait for that momentthere was nothing but them…

This was where he belonged. No matter what happened for now on, they'd face it together. "Love you." Sandler gasped as he came. His orgasm triggered Cooper's.

Cooper grinned as he filled Sandler up. "Love you, too. Always." 

Yes, Sandler knew he had made the right choice.
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