Saturday, January 5, 2013

Into the Darkness

Hey everyone! Into the Darkness, book #2 in the Bad Boys Club, will be released Jan. 11th from Changeling. Remember, this is my dark desires series where even the predators aren't safe. So, think long and hard before you tread...


Jordan and Allen are out for fun, but they're playing a dangerous game with an ancient predator...


Pounding music and writhing bodies fill the dance floor at Night Moves. Brothers Jordan and Allen share everything, and are part of a very small, very elite group of friends. What do they have in common? More money, power, and connections than most people can even fathom. These young men consider themselves above the law. Spoilt, powerful, and totally amoral, they use men without a thought for the consequences of their actions. Tonight the brothers have their sights set on a sexy redhead -- they're determined to have him in their bed!

Chaus is an ancient vampire as cold as his deadly kiss. Driven by a taste for kink, he's searched for centuries to find someone as debauched and sinful as he is, only to be continuously disappointed by humans and nonhumans alike. One desire drives him: a pet to call his mate that he can torture and pleasure with his lethal desires. His hunt has brought him to Night Moves, and he's on the prowl.

Jordan and Allen are out for fun, and they place a bet on a deadly game. But they're playing with a predator -- and a dark, hidden secret that the brothers possess will be the catalyst that brings Fate down on them. The Bad Boys Club has once again picked the wrong target to play with. 

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The valet handed Allen his keys and stomped off.

“Took long enough,” Allen mumbled, then turned to say something to Chaus.

Chaus allowed his eyes to blaze that pale blue that signified what he was as he pushed into the human’s mind and fought for control. Submit to me, Allen.

“No…” Chaus could see the fear claw at Allen, his face paling. He could almost feel him battle against the pull to submit. The struggle was brief. His mind lost the fight and his face smoothed out.

Excellent. Now, drive. Chaus quickly relayed his address mentally to Allen and stepped behind Jordan.

“Allen, what do you say to ordering take-out once we get to my apartment? You hungry?” Jordan frowned as Allen slid into the driver’s seat of his BMW without answering, his movements stiff and wooden. “Allen?”

Chaus wrapped his hand around the back of Jordan’s neck, his fingers curling to the front. One fingernail slowly extended to a sharp point, the slide of a razor sharp claw caressing Jordan’s neck as the point came to a rest against the soft skin of Jordan’s jugular.

“Easy now. Feel that? One wrong move and I’ll slit your throat.” Chaus spoke calmly, his voice whispering over Jordan’s skin. “I really don’t want to do that, Jordan, because I have such plans for the two of you tonight.”

Jordan barely moved, hardly dared to breathe. “W-what…”

Chaus leaned closer and licked Jordan’s neck, his tongue pressing against Jordan’s hammering pulse. “Mmm, so good. You and your brother stalk the night looking for men to use to appease your selfish pleasures. Such a cold, callous game the two of you play. The tide has turned, has it not? And the both of you are my prey. Now, behave. Besides, there is your brother, yes? He’s under my control, Jordan. Surely you won’t abandon him to me, leaving him all alone? Get in the backseat.”

* * *

Jordan froze, unable to believe what he felt at his neck. Where the hell had the knife come from? His gaze cut to the left, to where Chaus stood slightly behind him. He opened his mouth to speak and Chaus shook his head, then grinned. A deadly cold smile graced Chaus’s lips. At that smile, Jordan’s voice deserted him. Cold fear washed thorough him. His vision grayed at the edges. Every bit of moisture in his mouth dried up, and he struggled to swallow. His guts clenched as terror unlike anything he’d ever known robbed his body of strength.

Chaus had fangs.