Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Perfect release and giveaway!

Sequel to Priceless
The Gods: Book Two 

Hey guys! Today is release day for Perfect! I’m running a giveaway from today to the evening of the 25th.


But that’s not all! As some of you may know, the 25th is also my birthday. Yes, I’ll be twenty-one… *snort* and then some. Quite a bit some, lol.

I have a post planned for each day, guys. *wink* So make sure to check back *each* day and see what the posts say! The more you comment, the better chance of winning. ;)


So, here’s what’s planned for today. (Oh no, some of you are saying, she’s planning again!!! LOL.)

 Priceless, Perfect, and Pure all revolve around the gods walking among us, right? Cupid shows up in Priceless. He sees Randy and Garrett, and well, things get messy, lol. Perfect is his story and, finally, Morpheus’s story is Pure.

Even if you haven’t read any of the series, you can still play along. For today, this is the question to be answered:


Question: Do you believe the gods walk among us humans?


Make sure to leave me an email addy, guys! I can’t send you the PDF copy if I can't find you lol. I’ll email the winner Friday evening and ask they email me back. I do this to make sure I have a correct email addy.

After that, I’ll send the copy out. Please make sure to check your spam/junk folder. Sometimes the email ends up there. If I haven’t heard from the winner I’ll pick a new one come Monday. As usual, I’ll post on here who won, on FB, and on Twitter.

One more thing… I have two blog hops coming in February. So there will be more chances to win Perfect or any of my other eBooks. And if I get something in the mail on time, I may have more surprises. :)



  1. Of course. They do how else would miracles happen and all the unexplainable things happen.


  2. Question: Do you believe the gods walk among us humans?

    Answer: I only believe in one GOD but my answer is yes.

  3. I will probably get into some trouble for this but I will just point out that nobody will believe me anyway....but YES, HUMANS, WE DO EXIST. We quite enjoy your human dynamics of true friendship & love, family, faith. We also admire your resiliance when our meddling in your lives doesnt go as we expect. :)

  4. Kayla summed it up perfectly and I have to agree!.. There are too many miraculous and unexplainable things for there not to be divine intervention. And of course it's easier to be in the mix of things if they are among us versus watching from afar!.. Great question!

  5. Okay, so I am the oddball at the moment. I do not believe that there are any gods among us or somewhere else. But I find the concept intriguing.

  6. And I forgot the email... janahock (at)

  7. I am not sure if gods walk among us humans but believe there is divine intervention.

  8. If I had some proof I would believe. I do believe in the almighty GOD but not sure about greek and so forth... But I also agree it is intruiging if there were other life besides our own.

  9. I think the idea is very intriguing and fun (and I just love what you can do with them in your stories).

    christi_kat25 at yahoo dot com

  10. Obviously I do, have I not written about God and Lucifer (he made me say that, by the way, although technically he isn't a god... hey, don't yell at me, I call it like I see it!)

    I like to believe the gods walk among us, and that they're just as "human" as the rest of us, and can certainly make mistakes.

    If you ever get around to Zeus, you can ask him about that swan stuff. And the shower of gold.

  11. I like to think so. I think there have been so many stories of gods among men, that crosses cultures and ereas, that there must be some truth to it. This is also how I feel about dragons…
    Congrats on your release!
    OceanAkers @

  12. Happy Birthday! Do I believe that Gods walk the earth? I hadn't really thought about "Gods" walking the earth but I do believe that there is a spiritual connection between all living things. I like to believe in the power and magic that would be for Gods to walk the earth, it would explain a couple of things!

  13. Happy Birthday Hon!! Hope you have a fantaboulus day! And on to the question. Do I think that Gods walk to earth. I've never really thought about that, but now that I'm thinking about it. I would have to say yes. I mean it has to be boring to just sit around all day with the other Gods. Why wouldn't they come down here to mess with the mortals?? If they did walk to work it would explain SOOOOOOOO much about some of the miracles that happen and some of the things that happen in peoples life's.

    -- Whitney H.

  14. Hm... Gods walking among us.... There ARE unexplainable things in this world. So maybe they do. Now, do I believe it? Sometimes. Depends on a few things, like my mood and such. :/


  15. I like to think that there's a touch of the divine in everybody!


  16. Not really. I'm an atheist. I like to think that if there is a supreme entity or entities, they're all part of this amorphous whole that can encompass all religious beliefs in some form or another. Not everyone can be wrong, but everyone could be right, right? At least my way. I'm generous that way, lol.

    Congrats on your publishing success M! I know how hard you work for it!

  17. Don't include me in the drawing, because I bought my copy already. :) But are there gods among us? Probably not. I'm always open to proof. I believe in a supreme moving force. But walking among us and taking lovers... probably not. That said, this is why it's so darn much fun to write and read about gods walking among us and taking lovers! I love those kinds of books.

  18. Happy birthday! No, I do not believe gods walk among us. If they existed, why would they? By Jove, who needs 'em? I love stories based on myths. Gods make great stories, always have. Great question, thank you!

    brendurbanist @ gmail . com

  19. Happy birthday! I'm a January baby, too.
    I say no but would welcome evidence otherwise :)
    dandatins at Yahoo dot com

  20. As usual I couldn't wait to take part in your giveaway and pre-ordered Perfect as soon as it was available lol :)

    Before I settle down to read it, I don't think gods walk among us. I would like to think they would stop a lot of the bad things that happen in this world if they did :(

    Mo x

  21. God among us... yes. But walking about in a physical body... I'm a little bit iffy on that one. I mean, why would God need a body anyway?


  22. Sure they could walk among us why not some of us like to believe in the unexplainable

  23. Happy b'day my friend! I hope you made the day about you!

    I believe God, or the great force that all religions speak of in some form, walks among us through 'angels' or something or someone who helps you. And inside us or through our acts. But, as for walking down the street passing us by, I'm not inclined to think so. Then again, eternity is a lot of birthdays :) and it would get boring after a while. Who knows?!

  24. Im kind of weird to so here we go. I believe that God watches over us but isnt alone. I believe in ajgels ajd.that our chi or energy acts as a connection from one to the to another and thwt he is in tune with all of that. If you think about it, when the chakra is open in your mind to the universe, its your connection to Him. But...thats just me...say what you will

    Hqppy bday by the by!

  25. My answer would be no. Have a Wonderful Birthday on Friday!

    strive4bst(At) yahoo(Dot) com

  26. I don't see why not. No one knows what any of the gods look like in real form so who's to say? Who's to question? Anything is possible.

    taina1959 at yahoo dot com