Saturday, November 22, 2014

My Sexy Saturday - Pure

Happy Saturday and welcome to My Sexy Saturday! For this hop you post 7 paragraphs or 7 sentences or 7 words. It can be from a WIP or something published.

This week’s theme is our sexy Thanksgiving. So this week show us all the characters love family. Maybe it’s someone who doesn’t have one and suddenly they find themselves with one. It could be about someone who has always looked in and wanted a home with all the trimmings including a family. There are many ways to be thankful and we’d love to hear some of those wonderful stories. 

For this week, I thought I’d do something from my Dreamspinner release, Pure It’s book #3 in the Gods series. 

Zygi Wyatt is an intimidating dom, but he yearns for love just like the next man. However, finding a partner who isn’t scared of his size is no easy task. The easygoing Mo seems like the answer to his prayers.

Love is the stuff of dreams. Ask the god Morpheus—he knows all about it. Mo wants Zygi in a forever kind of way, but he has to be sure of Zygi’s love before he claims him for his mate and reveals his true self.

Unfortunately, Zeus is growing increasingly unhappy with Morpheus, and Ares is determined to throw a monkey wrench into everything. Zygi and Mo will have to brave the wrath of the gods to make their dreams come true.

Mo shifted, stretching as he opened his eyes. Confusion crossed his face as he stared at Zygi. Then Mo did the unbelievable. He rolled onto his stomach and widened his legs, offering himself.
“Please, please, make love to me again,” Mo whispered, rubbing against the silken bed sheets. “I need you so badly. Touch me, oh please, I need to feel you. Oh gods, please, love me.”
Zygi reached out to pull the loincloth out of the way when Mo’s words hit him… make love to me again. Mo believed he was dreaming. Was that the only way Mo thought he could have Zygi now? His heart ached for what he had done and his throat tightened. Mo’s voice was sleepy but full of pain and longing. His need arrowed straight into Zygi’s heart.
“Oh, Mo. Come on, babe, it’s me. I’m really here.” Zygi, straining to speak, stroked Mo’s leg, careful to keep the touch gentle. “This isn’t a dream. Wake up for me.”
Mo’s wings trembled and swept up, the rush of air washing over Zygi as Mo scrambled to a sitting position. Mo tentatively reached out and touched Zygi, his eyes widening as his hand met warm, living flesh.
“You’re real,” Mo said softly. “You’re really real and you’re here.”
Zygi grabbed Mo’s hand and held it tightly as tears flooded Mo’s eyes. “I’m real, and I’m not going anywhere, ever again. Mo, I love you. And I’m an ass. God have mercy, am I an ass! I don’t deserve your forgiveness, but I’ll sure work my ass off to earn it. I acted like a fool, hurt you beyond belief, and left you all alone. Please, Mo, forgive me.”