Monday, June 29, 2015

I'm a Top 100 Author for 2016 for ARe!!! And ARe took the Nighttime series

I have some fab news, y'all! About two weeks ago an email showed up that blew my mind. For 2016 I made the Top 100 Author List at ARe. *bounce*

Oh my gosh, I had to read the email like half a dozen times lol. Then I noticed that I had ALSO been invited to submit books to ARe. *falls down in shock* Oh my gosh again, how cool was that??? It's invitation only, and I was invited lol. 

So, now the good news that came with that. ARe has contracted the Nighttime series. Y'all might remember this is the scifi series where the aliens had tentacles. I added a little new material to book #1 which is still called Nighttime Wishes. 

Now, book #2 was Nighttime Dreams. What I did was take that material and add part of it to book #1. The beginning of Nighttime Dreams was in Shawn's POV so I added that to book #1. The rest of Dreams I added to Book #3, which is still Nighttime Promises

So, Nighttime Dreams no longer exists. Wishes and Promises have been increased in size, but that's due to mostly Dreams being absorbed into them. (I did add a prologue to book #1) There's only two books in the series now and ARe is going to re-edit them and do new covers. I'm very excited!!!

The release date for Nighttime Wishes is September 1. The release date for book #2, Nighttime Promises is November 1.