Thursday, October 22, 2015

All Soul's Day Chapter 3

Chapter Three
“On the bed, babe.”
I stood, and crawled onto the bed, lying on my back. Lifting my knees to my chest, I offered him my body. I wanted him, and I wanted him now.
“Take that off.” I gestured at his shirt.
“I can’t because of the wings.”
“Then rip the fucking thing, I want to see you.” I whined.
He grasped the collar of the shirt, and ripped it down the middle. Watching him do that flipped the final switch in me.
“In me… need you in me!” I gasped, his finger teasing a hard nipple. My cock jumped on my belly.
“Lube?” He growled.
“Bedside drawer.”
I heard the drawer open, and a few seconds later I heard the top of the lube snap open. Warming it in his hands, he spread it on my aching hole, then his shaft. I felt the head of his cock pressing against my entrance.
“Yes, oh God…” My head thrashed back and forth on the bed.
A small burst of pain, then he slid slowly in me. I relaxed my body as he gently moved in and out of me, using short shorts. He brushed against my prostate and my whole body shook with pleasure. My shaft filled, and twitched.
“Ready for more?”
“Ah, ah… yes. Go faster.” I was building toward another orgasm, again.
Faster he moved in me, rubbing my hot spot each time. I dropped my legs so I could wrap them around his back. I was sweating, my hair stuck to my temples as he thrust harder into me. I braced my hands against the headboard as he rode me hard. My drifted closed as he moved above me.
A sudden breeze in the room helped to cool my overheated body. I opened my eyes, wondering where the breeze was coming from, when I saw those beautiful wings moving slowly back and forth, stirring the air. Those beautiful, glossy wing that were moving on their own!
His wings are moving and they SHOULD NOT BE my lust-inebriated mind screamed at me. Holly hell, you think I don’t know that! I answered.
“What…what…” I gasped as his hand wrapped around my cock, jerking me in time to his thrusts.
“Come for me, Beloved.” He panted.
My orgasm swept through me as I watched those wing spread to their full span as he yelled, flooding me deep inside. Fear and pleasure muddled my mind as I watched, his head thrown back, as we orgasm together.
“Get… get off me!” I screeched. I struggled under his body, as common sense returned, bringing a good dose of reality with it.
He moved enough that I could wiggle out from under him, rolling to the side of the bed, and falling to the floor. Lurching to my feet I stumbled toward the door, my body a confusing mass of sensations. I skidded to a stop, my feet flying out from under me, as he stood in the doorway. Shit, how did he get from there to here so damn fast?
“What the fuck are you!” I yelled as I sat down hard on my ass.
“Grey please, I’m not going to hurt you.” Azrael reached out to me. “Please calm down.”
“Fuck calming down!” I yelled, crawling backwards away from him. “What are you?”
“I’m the Angel of Death.” He stood proudly in the door, magnificent in his naked glory.
I froze on the spot. “I don’t… I’m not ready to die.” I whimpered.
“Oh babe, I’m not here to take your soul to Judgment.” Azrael promised. “I’m here, with you, because I love you… I have since the beginning of time.”
“Huh?” I croaked. Oh yeah… snappy response that was, you moron.
“The first time I saw you, Man was just in its infancy. I watched you, found you interesting. You have always been a healer, all through your many lives.” He explained. “But your mind was young, and new. I’ve never been human, Grey. And I made mistakes with you.”
“Huh?” I shook my head, hoping something would knock loose in there. “What happened?”
“I approached you, and showed you what I am. You ran from me, in fear. Your tribe tossed you out when you started telling them about me…you starved to death. The next time you booked passage on a ship bound to what is now known as America, and died at Plymouth Rock. The next time you were burned at the stake in Salem because they thought you were possessed by the devil, the next time…
“Whoa!” I interrupted. “Did I die each and every time?”
“Yes. And it was my fault each and every time. I didn’t understand human emotions, and I scared you, unbelievably so. I grieved every time I had to escort your soul to Judgment.”
“As time went on, you begin to resent Death… me. Many times in many different lives I’ve heard you ask me to stay away. I tried to make you understand that I didn’t have a choice, it wasn’t my decision who lived and who died.” Azrael raised sad eyes to me. “This is a job I do, just like being a doctor is a job you do.”
“Oh man.” I cringed as I recalled all the times I told Death to stay out of my damn ER.
 I hadn’t understood. The more he talked, the more things from the past closed in on me.
My head began to pound as memories of past lives swept through me, the love, the fear, the anguish. Our making love together, then my running from him. Me never giving him a chance to explain. His sorrow once I was dead. His waiting for me as time traveled on.
“I’m so, so sorry.” I whispered.
I watched as he lowered himself to the floor and waited. Waited for me to come to grips with all the information swirling around in my head. Only one thing mattered to me… I love him, always have.
“I didn’t mean for you to find out like this.” He gestured at the bed. “I did plan to tell you tonight, since its Halloween or All Souls’ Day. It just seemed right, but not like this, not while I was making love to you. I didn’t want to frighten you.”
I stared at him.
“That’s why I went as myself tonight. I was hoping it would stir your memories, maybe make things easier when I told you who I am. Each time in the past when I found you, I always told you immediately. This time I waited, and still managed to mess it up.”
“It’s been hard on you, waiting to tell me, hasn’t it?” I asked.
“I learned to put my own selfish desires aside and give you the time you needed to get to know me. Please don’t run, Grey. I don’t think I can handle watching you die again, then trying to find you in another life.”
I stood up and walked over to where he sat on the floor. I lowered myself onto his lap, wrapping my arms around his neck. Gently I kissed his surprised mouth.
“I love you.” I whispered. “No more running, no more dying.”
His wings pulsed around us, moving the air, shaking in their joy. My hair fluttered around my face as I kissed him again.
“This ends now, and ends how it should have ended long ago.” I moaned as his hands caressed my back.
“I’ve waited an eternity for you, Grey.” Azrael nibbled on my neck. “Be sure this is what you want, because once you accept me, I’ll never let you go. I can’t.”
“No more running.” I smiled at him. “I’m done with running.”
“Praise God.”
“So, how do we make this work? You’re not human, and I am.” I snuggled in his embrace.
Azrael close his eyes, and seemed to be listening to something or someone I couldn’t hear.
“You live your life, and do what you do so well…help those heal whose time hasn’t come.” Azrael answered. “And when your time finally comes, I’ll escort you to Judgment for the last time. You’ll be reborn an Angel of Death, my mate till time ends.”
“You’ll be able to handle that? My dying again?” I asked.
“Yes.” He smiled at me. “It will be hard, but this time I’ll know how it ends.”
Azrael stood up with me cradled in his arms, carrying me back to bed.
“I love you…you are the light to my dark, the joy to my sorrow, the life to my death. You are the other half of my soul, Beloved.” I felt his big body tremble with joy as he lowered me back on the bed.
“And I love you, my Angle of Death." 

The End

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