Saturday, November 14, 2015

Tap, tap, tap...



I'm back! Haahahahahaha!! 

Okay, I have to say, being without my laptop for the past week was a huge PIA. I have it back now, and I'm still not really sure what exactly happened. I do know that the Geek Squad about caused me to lose my ever lovin' mind.

Thursday my comp suddenly stopped working. I could get to my startup screen, but I couldn't open any tabs. I could open it in safe mode, but I still could not get on the Internet. Well off the Geek Squad we went. I told the guy  what it was doing and they told me that it sounded like my operating system had crashed. I brought my recovery disk up there, and they said that should be sufficient. Well obviously it wasn't. 

I get a phone call telling me that I need to buy a disk with an operating system on it. So I buy Windows 7, wait for it to come in then take it back up there. A few days later it's supposedly fixed again. I go pick it up. I get home that night and I cannot get on the Internet 



Back to the Geek Squad. This time I wasn't quite as nice. So here we go again… this time when I got it back it was working. Now here's the funny thing. Remember that new OS disk I bought that they said I needed? Well it hadn't been opened. 

I know it hasn't been open because it's still sealed shut. So basically, best I can tell, they just set my computer back to the factory settings. Which of course meant I had to download Chrome again and Spotify... and a lot of other stuff I'd lost. Fortunately I had all my documents and pictures backed up so I didn't lose any of my WIPs. 

And Best Buy, bless their little pointed heads, sent me a survey to fill out. Bad idea. *shakes head* They really don't want to know what I think about their customer service. And I still don't have a answer as to what caused my operating system to crash to begin with. 


*oh, and they lost my charger too.