Sunday, February 7, 2016

My Turn to do the How Well Do You Know Me and some updates

How Well Do You Know Me?

1.  What is my favorite color? Red

2.  What is my favorite drink/soda? Coke

3.  What is my pet’s name?  Kitty-Kitty

4.  What kind of pet do I have? Cat

5.  What nasty habit did I quit two years ago? Smoking

~Now for the hard questions LOL~

6.  I’m a huge NFL fan. What is my favorite team? Steelers

7.  My pen name is M.A. Church. But that wasn’t the first pen name I had. What was it? nomoretears00

8.  Do I live in the North? Or the South? (That would be in the United States lol.) South

9.  I don’t watch a lot of TV, but there is a show I’m nuts about. I often talk about it on social media. It’s also about to come back on in January too. What is it? Faceoff

10.  What time of the year do I hate? Winter

And so, those are the answers LOL! I wanted to thank everyone who played. Unfortunately I didn’t get everybody’s answers up thanks to computer problems I’ve had… which went from January 25th until a few days ago. Plus a personal thing happened around my birthday too. (No, it’s not connected to my health LOL. I just went to the doctor on February 5. Not only is my blood pressure perfect, all of my blood work still looks good. It’s also not family.)

Anyway, my beautiful new red laptop is toast. And I'm more than a little annoyed over that one. I got my old Acer computer fixed and Dragon reinstall, so I’m good to go.

I just got the edits and on Beneath the Surface. That novella will release April 1st—and that’s no April Fool’s lol. I started back working on A Country Boy at Heart—the DsP State of Love open call that I’m doing. I’ve also hired a cover artist for Szin’s story and that’s in edits. And I’ve got lots of more fun stuff coming y’all’s way this year. :)