Monday, March 14, 2016

Dreamspinner Spins Me a Dream!

So, the good news is my science fiction novel, In Enemy Hands, is under contract with a release date of Aug/Sept.


Book 3 in the Fur, Fangs, and Felines series, It Takes Two to Tango, is under contract too with a release date of Nov/Dec.

I'm very excited about both of these books. I love my werekitties, you guys know that, lol. But many of you also know sci-fi is my first love. IEH is very much an enemies to lovers book. The two main characters in this novel are aliens—there are no humans at all in this. One race has light hair, darkly tanned skin,  and and lives on a planet that has many hours of sunlight. The other race is very pale complected, long black hair, and spends the majority of their time in the dark. Their planet is a Darkrelm planet (gets very little sunlight.) 

Y'all get the whole light vs dark, right, lol? Only, don't be so sure that light necessarily means goodness. o.0

Anyway, those two are now under contract and coming out this year. I'm still waiting to hear on the contemporary story, A Country Boy at Heart, I turned in for the States of Love call for Dreamspinner. Hopefully I'll hear about that soon. It's a novella, as per the requirements of the call.

This is what my schedule looks like from now until December:

Beneath the Surface_ARe — 4/1/16

Bound by Fate_Selfpub — waiting on cover; hope for middle of April release/or early May

A Country Boy at Heart — waiting to hear 

In Enemy Hands_DsP — Aug/Sept

Paws and Claws_ARe — Pub date: October

It Takes Two to Tango_DsP — Nov/Ded

* * * * 

Beneath the Waves_ARe — need to start (maybe 2016. This follows Beneath the Surface) 

At Sixes and Sevens_Aidric's story_DsP — need to start (will be out 2017 probably)