Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Air-conditioning, Internet, and book covers... I swear, there's a plot bunny in there somewhere.

Hey everyone, sorry I went MIA there for a couple of days, but Comcast up and decided to delete my modem on my account.

Somehow they got the idea it was lost, so they deactivated it on Friday. No, I did not tell them to do that. No, the modem was not lost. Grrr. And no, I have no flipping idea why the hell they decided to do that. BIG GRRR!

Story of my life. Y'all think I make this crap up, but I swear I don't.

So, after several days of beating around the bush, I finally lost my cool on Monday with them. They overnighted a new modem, which I got Tuesday.  So yay, I finally have Internet now.

And during that time, our air conditioner went out again. Yes, I said *again*. But, to be fair, the unit is sixteen years old. We're looking at replacing the damn thing. Oh joy. I was really hoping it could limp along one more year, but it isn't looking good.

During this time I got the galley for It Takes Two to Tango. That's due back on sixteenth. Also got third round edits on A Country Boy at Heart, which are also due back on sixteenth. Aaaaaand... you know what I'm going to say, right? I got first round edits on Paws and Claws due a couple days after the sixteenth LOL.

Tango and Country Boy are Dreamspinner books. Tango is the third book in the werecat series. A Country Boy at Heart is part of the State of Love collection Dreamspinner is doing and also contemporary. Paws and Claws is part of an ARe collection they're putting out in October. You can probably tell by the title it's a paranormal. *grin*

Good times lol!

Oh yeah, I've also received the cover for Tango, which I haven't shown yet. Today I'm looking over the mockups for covers on Country Boy. *grin*

Busy, busy, busy hehe. Don't forget there's a GIVEAWAY going on for some swag on my blog too. I guess that's everything… y'all are officially caught up LOL.

Now I have to go beat the hell out of some plot bunnies that won't leave me alone and wrestle some edits into submission.