Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Teaser Tuesday - Bound by War


Raiden backed away from the medibed but crossed his arms over his chest. “And?”

Angered, Laken whistled, the frequency high pitched and painfully sharp. 

“Dammit!” Raiden slapped his hands over his ears.

“Shit, Laken, what the hell?” Neo grimaced.

“Raiden, I swear, stop antagonizing him or you’re going to end up in a medibed too,” Hamza barked. “I understand why you feel like you do toward Torin. I also know if he hadn’t whipped Dayo, someone else would have had. Because of Torin, we knew where Dayo’s auction was being held and were able to rescue him.”

Raiden snarled.

“Hamza’s right,” Dayo said. “He wasn’t the one who kidnapped me, and he did all he could to help without blowing his cover.”

“And if it hadn’t been for Torin, things may have turned out a lot different for the Ne Reynians,” Hamza pressed onward. 

Raiden’s top lip curled, exposing a pointy canine.

Laken was quickly approaching his breaking point with Raiden. This day should’ve been the best one of his life. He’d walked in Medical and had barely cleared the door before the most decadent scent ever had knocked him off his feet. 

It had been dark, sultry, and spicy. Seductive and alluring. Dominating. It spoke to him, whispering things that made him needy. That scent. He couldn’t ignore it. It wouldn’t allow him to.

The pull had come from somewhere toward the back of Medical. Almost as if his feet had a mind of their own, they’d carried him back there… to the Blishue.