Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Tuesday Teaser - Bound by War

 ~From Bound by War

All his friends had been paired even before birth. Except him.

No one had any idea what kind of hole that left in his psyche. And now Raiden wanted to come in here and stomp all over his happiness? No. He wasn’t having it.

“Without Torin, there’s a distinct possibility I wouldn’t have had the chance to confront the person who murdered my dabba,” Hamza continued. “The gods only know what he survived from that female.”

“You can tell what he went through,” Laken snarled. “The proof is all over his body!”

“Would it help if I said I was sorry?” Torin asked quietly, swinging his legs over the edge of the medibed. “Because I am. I hated what I had to do to protect your mate, Raiden. I’m well aware it wasn’t enough.”

Chaos erupted.

“He’s awake? How the hell is he awake? He shouldn’t be awake!”

“Shit. Shit.

The voice behind him startled Laken so badly he swung around, the spines still extended. Torin calmly caught one of Laken’s arms, keeping the spines away. Electricity jumped between them.

The touch burned Laken but in the best of ways. He barely managed to stop the gasp that threatened to escape. Gods above, if he hadn’t, Raiden probably would’ve lost the rest of his mind and gone on a rampage. As it was, there was a scramble of feet behind Laken, and he hissed, the sound low, mean, and piercing. 

“Fuck, Laken, what the hell was that?”