Monday, January 9, 2012

And here I go!

Well, I think I have this up and running now. I have some stuff I want to add, but I'm still figuring this out, lol. So here's what's going on...

I'm working on a m/m tentacle story for an open call with a another publisher right now. Never done a tentacle story before and I'm finding out it's a lot of fun... and work, lol. Bad thing is this publisher won't take anything that's been put out there before so I won't be able to post bits of it. BUT... I can tell y'all that 12 pages in it's taking on a very def scifi twist.

It's a creature, not some blob type thing, and the creature has been watching this guy for a while now. The tentacles are on his head and he makes use of them later. *wink, wink*  Seems like I've wondered into the scifi world again! The deadline is at the end of March. Hopefully they'll take it for the anthology they're publishing. I'll let y'all know what happens with it.

I'm also waiting to hear from my publisher about something I sent to them. Don't want to say what right yet, don't want to jinks it, lol. Never knew I was superstitious until now. Fingers crossed they take it.

I have a Valentine's story I was doing for Lit but it's looking like that won't get done in time. I hate that cause I had big plans for the singing dildo! *smirk* Plus the follow up to Kiss Me Deadly has been put on hold for the time being, too. I do have ch 1 on that, but don't want to post it then leave it hanging. I'm taking a short break from Lit but I do have things planned for Lit.

I'll be back... lol, as the terminator says.