Friday, January 20, 2012

TGI Friday!

*Laugh* though really, don't know why I would say that since I no longer work. But hey, I remember getting up before the sun to get ready. I had to be to work before 7am. And oh joy, I smoke. Yes, I know... nasty, harmful habit. That's another can of worms-and my battle with stopping-for another day, lol. Anyway, I couldn't smoke at my job. Except for the activity break I was surrounded by five and six year olds all day.

By 3pm I was give out and ready to go home. Then my second job started... You may know what I'm talking about here. Cooking dinner, doing homework with the kids, trying to clean up the house a little, getting baths, spend time with the hubby, run this kid to that activity, attend school functions... the list was endless.

Well, all that has changed now. I no longer work, and yes, I'm lucky. The kids are nearly grown and I'm not needed every second of the day. They both drive so I'm no longer playing taxi. I'm enjoying being a 'stay at home mom' as they call it.

Now that I'm writing this got me to thinking: How would I have handled writing if I still worked? How does the authors I know who *do* work deal with it? An hour here and hour there... dear god, it can take me an hour to get half a page in Word if my muse isn't working with me. *Smacks muse on the ass.*

Sometimes that works, lol. Most times he just likes it.

So, I recently read an article on this and here's what I got from it:
(1) Take 10 minutes to write every day. Even if something comes up you feel like you got something done. Well, I write nearly every day now, and miss it when I don't.
(2) Get a notebook or use a digital device. This way you're ready when an idea hits. This is something I do, too. Short term memory only retains info for a short time. Yes, I've scratched idea's down in the middle of Wal-Mart, lol.
(3) Get in touch with other writers and talk about ideas. You never know what may get the old juices going, lol. One word may get you over that hump.
(4) Once a week read over something you've written either by yourself or with someone. This can spark interest. Okay, check, I've done that, also! I often do it cause I need a break from what I'm writing on.

I don't know if they would have worked for me back then. There were days I fell in bed at 8pm, lol. It seems to me getting in a routine is the most important thing though. 

So... for those of you that work and do this, you have my utmost respect, guys!