Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Cool, Cool Water

Cody stood on the bank staring at the lake.  The day was so damn hot and humid. His tank shirt was wringing wet and his cut-off blue jean shorts were damp around the waist. He was sweaty and would give anything to just strip off and jump in the water. 
He and his partner, Alex, had just finished the new deck they’d planned months ago. It was right on the bank of the lake they lived on and there was no one for miles in either direction. Alex had shed his shirt long ago.
“What are you thinking?” Alex asked with a smirk on his face.
“That’s a bunch of crap and you know it.” Alex had seen the way Cody eyed the cool water. “Go for it. You know you want to.”
“Better not, someone might see.”
To say Cody was shy was like saying the night was black. Alex knew he wouldn’t go skinny dipping… without a little help. Alex grinned. A little under six feet and one hundred sixty pounds, Cody had a nice athletic build, but it was nothing compared to Alex’s husky frame. A hair over six feet, Alex outweighed Cody by fifty pounds. And it was all muscle. 
Time to have a little fun.
Alex moved behind Cody, who still stood staring at the water. Yearning was written all over his face. Alex’s arms came around Cody and fastened onto the neck of his tank. With a hard yank, he split the shirt down the middle. 
“What the hell are you doing?” A quick battle raged over the torn shirt but Alex came away the winner. 
“Giving you want you want.” Alex stalked Cody, backing him towards the water.  
“I wanted my shirt torn off me?” Cody glanced behind him. The water was only a few feet away. “Think you spent too much time in the sun, lover. We should go in.”
“Oh, we’re going in, all right. Just not the ‘in’ you mean,” Alex said as he eyed those tight blue jean shorts.
Those damn shorts were sinfully short and frayed at the bottom. Every time Cody bent over to pick something up Alex had to talk himself out of nailing Cody right then and there. For the last hour he had been in a state of constant arousal. He was lucky he hadn’t shot himself in the foot with the nail gun. One way or another, those shorts were coming off. 
“What…?” Cody finally caught the look in Alex’s eyes. Or more like where his eyes were trained. “Oh no. No, no, no, we are not going to… Shit!”
Alex tackled Cody, making sure to take the brunt of the fall as they dropped to the grassy bank. Amidst a tangle of arms and legs—and screaming laughs—he relieved Cody of the shorts. The only things Cody had on now were his underwear, shoes and socks. He was also sporting an erection and a nice blush covered his face. 
“Remove them, or I will.”
“Alex,” Cody snorted with laughter under the body covering his, “you maniac, I refuse. Let’s go inside. We’re going to get arrested!”
“Had your chance.” Alex removed the rest of Cody’s clothes, enjoying the kicks and screams that echoed around him.
“Score one for me!” Alex shouted as he twirled Cody’s underwear on his finger. “Now for my prize.” 
He threw an arm across Cody’s hips and lowered his head. Taking Cody’s dick into his mouth, he nibbled around the crown of his cock. Cody grunted and his struggles lessened. Precum dripped steadily from that tiny opening. Alex’s tongue stabbed at the opening, wanting more as he used his other arm to push Cody’s legs open.
Not wasting a second, he swallowed Cody’s dick to the root. He bobbed his head up and down, stroking the thick vein that ran the length of Cody’s shaft.  With a moan of capitulation, Cody spread his legs wider as Alex worked his hard dick. Pressure built as Cody’s dick throbbed in his mouth. 
“Oh god, oh god… yes, suck me.”
An ache spread through his balls, a tingling that signaled Cody was close. Cody’s hands twisted in Alex’s hair as he thrust into Alex’s mouth. Alex slipped a finger into his mouth and soon a wet fingertip teased around Cody’s hole. His body arched, his back leaving the grassy blanket he lay on as Alex’s finger entered him. 
He moaned around the dick in his mouth, Cody’s channel was hot and tight. Desperate now Cody thrust back against Alex’s finger. Sucking hard as he came up Cody’s shaft, he curled his finger and searched for Cody’s hot spot. This time the moan came from Cody as Alex rubbed his hot spot hard.
“Jesus, Alex, I’m going to come.”
Cody’s dick swelled in his mouth and Alex sucked eagerly. He knew his lover was about to come. The hand across Cody’s hips slid up and pinched a nipple. With a hoarse yell Cody came hard in Alex’s mouth. Alex swallowed everything Cody had to give then laid his head on Cody’s leg, his chest heaving.
“I’m dead. Really. You sucked all the life out of me. I didn’t even get to enjoy the deck we built.”
Alex grinned against Cody’s leg. “You can’t die yet, you still haven’t cooled off.”
Alex jumped up, and pulled Cody to his feet. With a leer he threw Cody over his shoulder and waded out into the lake.
“Don’t you… Cody shouted as he was thrown into the water.
Moments later he surfaced. Cody’s back was to Alex. The water lapped at that tight ass as Cody ran his hand though his wet hair. Alex stripped out of his wet clothes as he watched Cody. Damn, his man was fine; shy, yes, but damn fine. 
He waded out in the water, enjoying the view as Cody splashed water on his body. His skin glistened in the sunlight. Alex’s hard-on had deflated when he hit the water but it was coming back full strength now. He loved the man in front of him more than life and he planned to show him… in his own special way.
“I’m going to count to ten. If you stay here in the water I’m going to fuck you right here, with or without lube. Or you can—”
“But, but, but…”
“That’s right, that butt is going to be mine. Or you can take off to the house. You might get inside before I catch you. So, bed or water. You choose.”
Cody stood there with his mouth hanging open.
“One… I’m not kidding, lover.”
“Oh damn!” Cody yelled as he splashed through the water toward the bank—and the house.
Alex grinned as he watched that muscular ass run for the house. What a perfect way to finish the afternoon.