Thursday, December 26, 2013

For the Love of Home and Hearth

For the Love of Home and Hearth
Part II 
Jason held the mug, letting the heat warm his hands. He blew gently at the rising steam while eyeing his mate… his very aroused mate. Jason discreetly sniffed the air, enjoying the results of his words on Chip. Carefully hiding his grin, he sipped his hot chocolate. The marshmallows had melted, adding to the taste.
The fire roared at his back, he held his favorite drink in his hand, and the love of his life sat across from him on the black, furry rug. The smell of burning wood, melted chocolate, and the sharp, aroused scent of Chip lay heavy in the air.
“You have…” Chip frowned, gesturing at Jason.
“Huh?” Jason looked down at his naked chest. “What?”
Chip licked his lips. “You got some… The marshmallows melted and… Aw, hell...”
Jason eyed hooded as Chip leaned forward. One of Chip’s hands tangled in Jason’s long hair, pulling him closer. Gently Chip brushed his mouth over Jason’s, his tongue creeping out to rub against Jason’s lips. He licked the white gooey stuff from Jason’s mouth. Jason heard Chip’s happy humming and his cock stiffened.
Suddenly Chip scooted even closer, tightening his hold on Jason’s hair. He pulled Jason’s head farther back, exposing his neck. Taken aback, Jason allowed the action, surprised at the groan from Chip. Jason’s lips were pried open and Chip’s tongue plunged inside, seeking. Tongues dueling, Jason lost himself in the kiss until the need for air forced them apart.
Jason, slightly stunned at Chip’s sudden aggressiveness, leaned back and nipped Chip’s bottom lip. “Hungry, huh?”
Inches apart, Chip chewed at the lip Jason nipped. He slowly eased his hand from Jason’s hair. “Oh man… I, ah… oh jeez, you, um, had marshmallow mustache. But I took care of it. God, Jason, hope your cougar didn’t think I was challenging him. Seriously, I know who the alpha is here. I… ah, got carried away. You’re just so damn sexy sitting here in front of the fire, all that long hair everywhere…”
How cute his mate looked. Not so much the aggressor now. “No worries, babe. You just surprised him, and me.”
Jason didn’t add that his cougar wasn’t threatened, more curious as to where the unexpected aggression came from. He was aware Chip was going to be incredibly strong when he fully came into his cougar. Jason knew Chip worried that he and his cougar couldn’t yet communicate. Jason’s cougar wasn’t worried, so neither was Jason. When Chip’s cougar was ready, he’d make his present know. Indeed, Jason wondered if that kiss wasn’t a warning shot, so to speak, from Chip’s cougar. Chip might not be content to be the just the sweet bottom he’d been for much longer.
Jason reached out to his cougar in him mind. So, how do you feel about bottoming, O Wise One? Think you can handle it?
By the Great Spirit, I’ve never thought about it. I’m not sure, Jason. I’ve always been the one in control, as have you. How do you feel?
I don’t think Chip is really challenging you for position. I think Chip’s cougar just wants a little control. Can’t blame him for that with what happened with the inheritance and the speed at which I forced him to mate me.
True. As long as we can see him, I think it’ll be okay. I don’t think I can handle him taking us from behind.
I agree.
Chip continued to gnaw on his bottom lip. “Okay, what are you two talking about? I’m feeling a little left out. Jason, I really wasn’t trying to
Jason winked. “Hush. It’s all okay. So… you sure you got it all? All the marshmallow, that is? Better come back here and make damn sure.”
Chip’s eyes widened. “But, but… What are you saying, Jason? I thought… You’ve never hinted that you were… I really, really wasn’t trying to… God!”
Jason ran his thumb over Chip’s lips. He wished he could freeze that expression on Chip’s face. Such innocence, such hope… such lust. “Let me ask you a question, and I expect you to answer honestly. Do you want to top me?”
Chip swallowed, mouth abruptly dry. “Usually I like bottoming, you know that. But, here in the last few days, I’ve… Okay, yeah, I’ve thought about it. I can’t get the idea out of my head. But, I didn’t figure… Both you and your cougar are more dominant. You are the Alpha, and I know that… my cougar knows that.”
Jason raised an eyebrow. “Is that a yes?”
Chip blew out a breath. “God, it is, yes. Are you mad? Is that going to be a problem? Look, I’ll try to not to… Um, what are you doing? Jason?”
Jason moved until he was flat on his back. He had his answer. The throw Chip had covered him with earlier ended up pushed down around his hips. The fur from the rug rubbed against him, and the firelight gave the room a soft, gentle look…. romantic, even. Almost as romantic as when he turned Chip. Jason raised one knee and held out his hand to Chip.
“Though you wanted to top me.”
Chip’s mouth fell open, his eyes blinking in shock. Jason sprawled the fur rug, hair spread out around him, one leg raised. The bulge under the blanket clearly showed Jason was hard. “Holy Mother of God… and thank you too, Wha-tay.” Chip still hadn’t moved. “Are you sure, Jason? Both of you sure?”
“We are. Just… we need to be facing, Chip, when you enter me. That way, my animal spirit won’t feel challenged. Keep in mind I’ve never bottomed, either.”
Chip’s eyes stung. “Do you have any idea how that makes me feel? I’ll be the first one ever inside you… the only one ever inside you. This gift… I feel… Jesus, I love you.”
“I love you too. Merry Christmas, love.”
Chip snorted as he leaned closer. “You’re not a Christian.”
Jason cupped Chips face as a shower of sparks lit the surrounding area. By the Great Spirit, his mate’s deep red hair glowed in the firelight. Chip was simply gorgeous. “No, but I know this holiday means something to you. I can celebrate it regardless of my beliefs. I mean, you didn’t manage to overlook the tree and the massive amount of gifts under it, did you? No, I know you haven’t. I’ve caught you under it shaking gifts more than once.”
Chip pouted. “I can’t help it. They’re just so… pretty and shiny.”
Jason snorted. “You are such a kitty.”
“Oh, really? Want to talk about the laser pointer?”
Jason squirmed on the furry rug, his cock resting against his thigh. “Um, aren’t you supposed to be doing something other than harassing me about that damn laser pointer?”
Chip bent over his mate, eyes locked with Jason. “You’re sure this won’t change anything?”
Jason threaded his hand through Chip’s hair. Such concern. How could he not give this to Chip? “My manhood isn’t tie to whether or not my ass gets fucked. I know some men feel different. But babe, I’ve been alive for a long time, seen things that are better left to the hazy fog of memories, and… I’ve bathed in the blood of my enemies. Getting my ass reamed isn’t going to shake my identity.”
“Okay. I just don’t want… problems.”
“I can’t promise I’m going to love it like you do. I don’t know since I’ve never done it. Let’s just see what happens, okay? You seem to feel such things… I hope I feel the same things.” Jason’s hand released Chips hair and dropped back onto the rug, leaving his body opened.
“I’m damn sure going to try and blow your mind, I promise you that.” Chip slanted his mouth over Jason’s again. He didn’t linger, but moved down Jason’s body quickly.
Unable to speak, Jason’s hands fisted the furry rug as Chip left sloppy kisses on his way down Jason’s chest. He moaned deep in his throat when Chip licked across a hard nipple. Jason’s cock jumped, pointing straight towards his stomach. His body flushed and suddenly he couldn’t wait to get that blanket off him. Where he’d been cold earlier, now he was burning up.

For the Love of Home and Hearth
Part III 
Chip jerked the blanket off Jason’s body. “You’re so fucking sexy. God, you make me crazy, I just want to eat you up.” Chip surged to his knees with the intention of crawling between Jason’s legs.
Jason’s hand on Chip’s cock stopped him. “How about you leave this up here by me?”
Chip shuddered in Jason’s grasp. “You want to sixty-nine?”
Jason stroked the cock that leaked in his hand. “Stop asking questions, please, and leave this where I can get to it.”
“Not a problem.”
Chip didn’t know what Jason planned, but he didn’t care. He was a man on a mission. Not far from his face was a cock he was just itching to get in his mouth. Still on his hands and knees, he nuzzled Jason’s dick. He was going to cram that piece of meat down his throat and choke on it until Jason yelled. Yeah, he totally dug that idea. He’d make Jason wiggle all over this fur rug and scream his name… like Jason often did to him.
Just love him, Chip. This is a big deal for them.
Chip froze. That was his cougar. Oh freaking God, that was his cougar! Can you hear me too?
We can talk later. Right now something needs our attention.
“Um… Chip?” Jason patted Chip’s ass.
A slightly hysterical laugh threatened to break loose. “Sorry. My, ah… Good Lord. You’re not going to believe this, but my cougar finally decided to speak to me.”
Jason raised his head, staring down at Chip. “Just as you’re getting ready to suck me?”
Chip broke eye contact and rested his head on Jason’s hip, a giggle fighting to escape. “Yeah, what timing, huh?”
Jason snorted. He shifted his hips, his cock bumping Chip’s chin. “Sounds like he shares your sense of humor. And… hint, hint.”
“Heaven help us, then. And it’s kind of hard, ha-ha, to miss your hints.”
Chip smirked at his joke then closed his mouth over Jason’s cock, tongue caressing that long, hard shaft. Jason’s smell alone made Chip’s cock strain. That clean manly scent and a hint of something wild, a musky scent that made Chip’s dick twitch. He bobbed his head up and down while rolling Jason’s balls. He pulled back and closed his lips over the dome of Jason’s shaft, sucking the crown.
He sighed in pleasure as, taking an inch at a time, he went back down, driving his mate completely insane. A harsh groan behind him made Chip smirk mentally. Jason was groaning now? Oh, his mate had no idea. He relaxed his throat, closed his eyes, and lodged that thick cock deep, lips pressed against Jason’s groin. The strangled sounds Jason made pleased him.
Then he made his own strangled sounds when a finger brushed down the crease of his ass. Now he understood why Jason wanted him to stay at his side and move down between his legs. It was all about access. Jason’s finger teased Chips hungry hole. He moaned encouragement as that finger entered him, the usual tightness slowing Jason’s entry.
Chip pulled off Jason’s cock. “Oh fuck, Jason.” He pushed back as Jason hunted for his hot spot. “Aren’t I’m supposed to be doing that to you?”
Jason spread his legs. He gently removed his finger and pushed the lube down toward Chip.
Chip got the message loud and clear. “Oh yeah, my turn. I’m going to make you feel so good, mate.”
At a gentle tap, Chip moved between Jason’s legs. A small puddle of precome pooled on that toned belly. He heard the slight moan from his mate as he ran his fingers through the liquid on Jason’s stomach and licked his fingers. “You taste good.”
Jason’s arms jerked forward, reaching for Chip before Jason caught himself. He fisted his hands on the bedding.
Chip stoked Jason’s cock. “I want this to be good for you, you know, just in case you never let me do this again. Try to relax, okay? I’m not going to hurt you.”
“I know, babe. I trust you.”
Chip held Jason’s shaft upright. He kissed the head, then closed his lips over the dome of Jason’s shaft again. He knew how much Jason like that. He sucked on the crown, running his tongue over the head and teasing the slit. Precome flooded Chip’s mouth. Maybe that was the trick. Keep Jason focused on his dick and off his ass. Good thing the lube Jason pushed down was within reach.
Chip used his tongue to keep Jason’s attention on his cock and flipped the top of the lube opened. He released Jason’s cock and quickly poured some into his hand, warming it. Panting, Jason pulled his legs higher, giving Chip access. His finger teased Jason’s hole, a barely-there touch that had Jason twisting on the bed. He played there, massaging that hot little hole no one had ever entered until Jason finally moaned.
“Chip... do it. I want to feel you in me.”
Chip had lubed Jason’s hole well. He pressed his finger in slowly and twisted, hunting for Jason’s hot spot.
“I know, but it’s about to get better.”
Chip lowered his head and sucked Jason’s cock back into his mouth. He smiled at a startled yelp from above and ruthlessly attacked that bundle of nerves. He gently worked two fingers in, scissoring them open as he prepared his mate. Jason leaked precome from the constant attention to his prostate.
 “Fuck. Do it.” Jason pulled his legs higher. “Just get in me, please.
Chip let Jason’s cock pop out then stuffed a pillow under Jason, raising his hips. Frantically, he slathered more lube on his aching dick and rested his cock against Jason’s hole. There was so much more he wanted to do, but he was as desperate as his mate. Slowly, he pushed in as Jason fought his body, straining to relax. The guardian muscle resisted, then gave way. Chip entered in one motion, not stopping until he was deep inside. Leaning over Jason, Chip waited for the tightness to ease.
“Damn, you’re thick.” Jason panted as he locked his legs around Chip’s hips.
“I’m not nearly as big as you. Breathe for me, Jason, and try not to fight.” Resting on his hands above Jason, Chip kissed the tip of his nose. “Oh thank God, you’re loosening. Ready for me to move?”
A little slide in, a little slide out. When Jason’s breath caught, Chip moved a little faster… a little hard thrust, a little quicker withdrawal… making sure to constantly nail that sensitive bundle of nerves. Jason moaned. Chip was damn certain it wasn’t from pain—Jason was rock hard.
“More,” Jason gasped.
Oh hell yeah, he’d give Jason more. Chip drove in and out, hard, as Jason tightened his legs around Chip. He pounded Jason, going faster as Jason moved with him. Chip stared at his mate, watching the stunned pleasure that crossed Jason’s face. Beautiful.
One final hard push and tingling started at the base of his spine. “Gonna come. You ready?”
“Fuck, yeah. Fill me up.”
“Oh Jesus, I… love…” Chip grunted, his orgasm barreling down. “You….”
He’d never forget the smile on Jason’s face as he came.

The fire still burned and the snow still fell. The Christmas tee lights glowed. Held securely in Jason’s arm, Chip turned to look at his mate. “Merry Christmas, love.”
“Merry Christmas to you too. Ready to go to bed?”
Chip yawned. “Can’t we stay where we are? I like it here. The fire and a couple of blankets will keep us warm. I want to lie here, stare out the window at the snow, and enjoy the lights on the tree.”
“If you want to stay here, then here we’ll stay.” Jason ran his hand through Chip’s hair as they cuddled closer. “Anything for you, my mate, anything at all.”

The End