Sunday, December 22, 2013

Traditions… then and now

One of my favorite traditions has been trimming the tree. *laugh* Okay, yes, it’s a pain getting the tree down from the attic, setting it, and so on. When the kids were young, I’d haul it down a day or so after Thanksgiving. They were off for Thanksgiving break and that Saturday we’d get started on the tree.
That was *always* the first thing done. And man, I had boxes of ornaments. Ornaments from the very old, the very expensive… to things made by the kids in school. Our tradition was the kids helped me dress the tree—it was naked when it came from the attic, so it was up to us to dress it. That’s what the kids called it, lol.
When they were young, they couldn’t wait to get at all the shiny, twinkly things, lol. The delight in their eyes when they saw all the cool stuff… man—such sweet innocence and wonder.
But as time passed, they grew up. They had things to do, or so they told me. There were friends to meet up with, riding up and down the streets, and much hanging out to be done in the Walmart parking lot. *rolls eyes* It was my pleasure to tell them fine… as soon as the tree was dressed. *wink* Of course, they had to get the prerequisite gripping in, but the tree got done, lol.
Now the kids are no longer kids. They’ve grown up and moved out. And the past few years have been rough with the passing of my Mom. The kids were close to her too. Christmas hasn’t been the same, and we just went through the motions. Christmas was a chore.
Well, for those who know me, you know I had a serious health scare in early October. My life got turned upside down, and I’m still struggling to cope. But, know what? That scare brought us back together. We have plans for that Saturday after Thanksgiving, lol. My son’s bringing the tree from work for us to dress. My daughter knows she’s going to have drag all the boxes of ornaments out since I can’t.
They’re both so excited, like they used to be… and so am I. As I type this, I’m listening to Christmas music on my laptop. I’ve finally found my holiday spirit. There’s something to be said for traditions, lol. They bring peace and comfort. I’m really looking forward to this one again.
Merry Christmas, everyone!