Friday, December 13, 2013

Wrapped in Leather is on the Coming Soon page at Dreamspinner and on SALE!

Hey guys! Wrapped in Leather is ready for pre-order. Since DsP is running a sale on Mystery, BDSM, and Historical, the ebook is on sale for $5.24 until the 14th. This is novel length and the Cover Artist is Paul Richmond. I'm very excited to have him doing this series. :)

To celebrate his decision to take the next step with his boyfriend Ian, Toshi Baylor plans a romantic evening at their favorite steak house. Toshi starts the special weekend with a bang by surprising Ian at home with lunch. There’s a bang all right, but it’s between Ian and another guy. 
Jase Taylor’s auto repair shop and the BDSM club, Wrapped Up, keep him busy while he waits for Mr. Right, instead of Mr. Right Now. He’s a Dom, but playing with the club’s submissives isn’t providing the usual stress release. After a day from hell, he deserves a good meal at his favorite steak house.

Toshi and Jase find a mix-up with their reservations: a table for Baylor, not Taylor. When Toshi invites Jase to dine with him, they discover a mutual affection for leather and a shared belief that trust must be earned.

Before they can explore their common interests, Toshi suffers a series of attacks by vandals. Jase’s protective instincts kick in, but both wonder if it can lead to anything permanent.

TOSHI PULLED in the parking lot and found a place up front. Yanking the collar of his coat up, he hurried to the front door of the restaurant. Being a Friday evening, the place was already packed. Good thing he’d made a reservation. Just as he reached for the door handle, he heard the low, sexy growl of a motorcycle behind him. Damn, what a sound. Stopping to look, he noticed a well-built man on a Harley hunting for a parking place. He had a blacked-out face-shield helmet and wore a black leather jacket.
Toshi watched as the guy parked and swung a leg off the bike, jeans tightening across what looked like a fine ass. Toshi gulped. Now that was some fantasy material. The guy stood next to the bike—oooh, he was tall too. The helmet, along with the leather jacket, gloves, and boots gave him a mysterious, dangerous look, with a strong side of kinky thrown into the mix.
“Damn,” Toshi muttered, his dick twitching with interest.
The stranger removed his helmet and leather gloves. Nice, short dark-brown hair and a sexy goatee—Toshi swallowed hard. His dick was doing more than twitching. Gods, everything about this guy screamed smoking hot, kinky sex. The leather alone was enough to rev his imagination. Which was unfortunate, since the man he was drooling over was probably straight. But hey, he could dream.
He entered the restaurant before his interest was noticed, just to be safe. Wow, the biker guy really flipped his switches. He was more than a little surprised at how he’d responded—no one had stirred his interest like that since he’d started dating again. Not even Ian had gotten him this hot. Toshi sidelined his thoughts when he was greeted by the hostess.
“Good evening, sir. One for dinner tonight?” Angie, the hostess, flipped her long hair over her shoulder, a smile on her face.
“Yeah, I had a reservation under the name Baylor for eight.” A breeze swirled around Toshi as the biker guy walked inside the restaurant.
“Great! We’re really slammed tonight. Dan will be here in a moment to show you to your table.”
Toshi heard the hostess Angie start her spiel again. She didn’t get far.
“Oh no, oh sir, I’m so sorry! We don’t have a Mr. Taylor listed.”
“Look, I spoke to you, remember? I called and made a reservation at eight tonight for one. It was a little loud in here when I called.”
Toshi shivered and slowed at the deep voice behind him. That sound reached right down to his balls.
“I-I… I’m so sorry, sir. There seems to be a mix-up with the last names of you and the customer who was just here. But we should have a table coming up in about an hour.”
“An hour? You’re kidding, right? You made a mistake, not me, but I have to wait? Jesus, can this day get any worse? Look, I’ll just sit at the bar until something comes available.”
“I’m sorry, sir, but the bar is full. I’m so sorry for the mix-up, but there simply isn’t a table open. And there isn’t any room at the bar right now.”
“I want to speak to the manager.”
“Now would be good.”
Toshi damn near panted at that commanding tone. Without thinking, he turned around and walked back to the scowling man. “Um, sorry, but I couldn’t help overhearing. If you’re okay with it, you can share a table with me. I’m by myself anyway.”
“If you don’t mind, I’d appreciate that. It’s been a helluva day.” The stranger held out his hand. “Jase Taylor.”