Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How Well Do You Know Me? Bailey's Questions #2

And here are Bailey's real answers lol:

1.  What is my favorite color? Reddddddddd.

2.  What is my favorite drink/soda? Pepsi.

3.  What is my pet’s name? His name is King. JK, it’s Kitty-Kitty. Maybe. Or not. Honestly, he’s the boss.

4.  What kind of pet do I have? Kitty.

5.  What nasty habit did I quit two years ago? Smoking. I’m not naming the OTHER one because you’ll hurt me.

Now for the hard questions LOL

6.  I’m a huge NFL fan. What is my favorite team? Pittsburgh? Carolina Panthers? Oh wait. Dallas. Dallas Cowboys. One of those three, right?

7.  My pen name is M.A. Church. But that wasn’t the first pen name I had. What was it? The Goddamned Bomb. You are awesome. You mentioned this before but that sieve-y memory thing happened to it.

8.  Do I live in the North? Or the South? (That would be in the United States lol.) South. I know where, too. I have peeked in your windows. We had this discussion before.

9.  I don’t watch a lot of TV, but there is a show I’m nuts about. I often talk about it on social media. It’s also about to come back on in January too. What is it? Dr. Who.

10.What time of the year do I hate? Morning time. All year round.