Sunday, January 10, 2016

How Well Do You Know Me?

Since this is my birthday month, I thought it’d be fun to have something up on the blog from friends about me. So I sent out this small little questionnaire. *grin* I hope they had just as much fun answering it as I had reading it!

This one’s from Crystal Marie. I met her several years ago when I approached her blog for a review. I don’t ever remember how we got to talking, but we did. Then she’s sending copies of my books for me to sign, cards were exchanged, and phone calls were made lol. She’s another person I plan to meet one day… hopefully this year.

*I'll give the correct answers at the end of the month lol*


1.  What is my favorite color?
Black and gold? (Hey, can’t blame me for guessing that!)

2.  What is my favorite drink/soda?
Hummmmmmmmm coke?  The drink, not the drug.

3.  What is my pet’s name?
Annoying one?

4.  What kind of pet do I have?
You have a cat because you don’t like dogs.  And you have a cat cause your hubby brought him into the house one day and he hasn’t left :D

5.  What nasty habit did I quit two years ago?

Now for the hard questions LOL

6.  I’m a huge NFL fan. What is my favorite team?
Steelers! (And this was totally easy btw!)

7.  My pen name is M.A. Church. But that wasn’t the first pen name I had. What was it?

8.  Do I live in the North? Or the South? (That would be in the United States lol.)

9.  I don’t watch a lot of TV, but there is a show I’m nuts about. I often talk about it on social media. It’s also about to come back on in January too. What is it?
Sex and the city?  Or The Big Bang.  Or even more than that, that one show about that one person who does that one thing that you love and that’s why you watch it.  But even though you love that show about that one person and that one thing you will give up watching it if a game is on.

10.What time of the year do I hate?
Non-football time.  Because then you don’t have a good excuse to yell at anyone ;)