Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Tuesday Teaser


Tuesday Teaser - Edge of Darkness, the Dragons of San DeLain, #1

~This is the series following the Daemons of San DeLain. There are spoilers for the other series~

“If I remember correctly, Connie, it was you who started it last time.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Connie sniffed as he straddled Hudson’s lap.


The first time they made love had indeed happened in Hudson’s office. It had been rough and motivated by fear, though. After a business trip to New York with Kage, Hudson was attacked coming back from the San DeLain International Airport by hunters.

Conrad, and Hudson’s driver, Wilson, had picked Hudson up. Hunters ran them off the road on their way home. They hit a ditch, flipped several times, and landed upside down. Wilson was murdered and Hudson had been clipped by a bullet before Conrad cooked the shooter.

Once the scene had been cleared, they’d returned to Hudson’s compound, and Conrad had freaked out over Hudson being shot. So much so, he partially shifted out of fear.

Only it hadn’t been just fear. That was the day they stopped dancing around one another and ended up making love on top of Hudson’s desk. The problem was, as much as he adored Conrad, or Connie as he called him more often than not, they were not soul bound.

A soul bond was much like the werewolves with their Fated mates. And Conrad was not his soul bound mate. He was not Conrad’s, either. The knowledge had been devastating.

But after the attempt on his life, they decided it wasn’t going to stop them from being together. Problem was, somewhere out there was a person who was his bounded mate. Same for Connie.

He had no idea what they’d do if either of them found that elusive being. They were both desperately ignoring that possibility for now. Hudson had cursed their god long and hard over that one.

“Now that we’ve established you don’t know what you’re talking about, when should we go see Austin?” Connie ran his thumb over Hudson’s bottom lip.


Connie raised an eyebrow. “After?”

“Yes, after.”

Standing, Hudson carried Connie to the couch in his office and dropped him on it. For a moment he stood, staring at the man sexy man sprawled before him with a smirk on his lips. How had Hudson gotten so lucky? Connie was everything he wanted.

Connie trailed his hand down his crisp white dress shirt. Hudson’s gaze followed it until it came to rest on the bulge in Connie’s dress pants. He wanted a taste.

“See something you like, my king?” Connie taunted.

It always drove him wild when Connie used his title in that tone. Made him want to pound his chest and roar his ownership of this dragon to the skies.

He also wanted to worship Connie like he deserved—cover him in jewels. Gold. Fine silks. Then lock him away in his hoard. Connie would probably delete his calendar for that, though. His lover might be a bit young, but he was no helpless maiden to coddle.

Connie was also the only dragon Hudson would ever bend a knee to. He’d burn the world for this male—he didn’t need anyone else. 

Screw Fate.