Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Tuesday Teaser

~excerpt from Edge of Darkness, book #1 in the Dragons of San DeLain

What an interesting mess his life had become lately. 

He was falling in love with Connie but hadn’t told him yet. The fact that they were not soul bound hung over their head like the sword of Damocles. 

Hudson hated this, hated it with every fiber of his being. They should be soul bound. No two dragons could be more perfect together. How could their dragon god, Gaura, not see this?

Connie disconnected the call and leaned back in Hudson’s chair. “The perimeter is secure.”

“Silent alarms would’ve been going off if we’d been breached. You know that, sweetheart.”

“Yes, well, an attack was the only thing I could think of that would’ve cause such a reaction in you.” Standing, Connie walked over to the window where Hudson stood. 

Hudson huffed. Connie didn’t have any idea how wrong he was.

Connie tugged on Hudson’s arm until Hudson faced him. “You seem calmer now. Any idea what triggered you?”

How in the world was he supposed to reply to that? Instead, he slipped his hand behind Connie’s head. Grasping Connie by the hair, he pulled him closer. 

He wasn’t surprised to see Connie’s pupils elongate into slits. Connie’s true nature always seemed closer to the surface whenever Hudson touched him. 

His lips whispered across Connie’s, the kiss slow and sensual. Hudson’s eyes fluttered closed when Connie slipped his arms around his waist and relaxed into Hudson. This. This right here. This was where Connie belong. 

He trailed kisses across Connie's face then tightened his fingers and yanked Connie’s head back. A sibilant hiss escaped Connie’s lips, and Hudson shivered in response, loving the sound of Connie’s pleasure. 

Hudson worked his way down his lover’s pale throat, nipping at the skin. The slight hint of salt lingered on his tongue as he licked Connie’s pulse point. 

Closing his lips over it, he sucked gently. Whatever marks he left would not last long, unfortunately. But for however short a time they were there, Hudson would take joy in the signs of ownership.

Yes, dragons were possessive creatures. Sue him.