Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guest blogger Alicia Nordwell

      Hey everyone! Today I have Alicia Nordwell with me talking about her book Pricolici which will be released by Romance First September 28th at Amazon All Romance Ebooks Smashwords and Pricolici's Goodreads page
 1.     When did you first consider yourself a writer?
I’m a writer? Really? Seriously, I’ll always consider myself a reader. It is really hard to put that label to myself, simply because I don’t feel I have that drive to be a ‘writer’ like so many of my favorite authors, or even my friends that write. It’s a great hobby, and I’ve been incredibly lucky to have a story picked up by Romance First Publishing, but I’m just not ready to be so bold as to claim such honors, lol.  

2.     Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
Staying awake! Seriously, there is something about writing that makes me sleepy. I’ve found the middle of the afternoon is my best time, unlike a lot of other authors I’ve talked to that like to write in the morning or evening. Sometimes a story is so gripping I can’t help but write it at any moment available to me, though it all just depends on what’s going on in my mind. I do edit best in the morning though.

3.     Do your characters try to make like bunnies and create ever more convoluted plots for you? Or do you have to coax them out of your characters?
I’m always trying to figure out how to find the time to write new stories! Even when I write a short I end up with ideas on how to expand the story, and readers who are asking me to, it seems. If I had the time to write all the plot bunnies I’ve written up in note form and saved on my computer, I’d not be able to do anything else!


  4.     So how did you come up with your idea for your story?
I’d been reading shifter stories (I love them) and I was also researching ancient cultures. I had the idea to mix the two, since I love mixing reality and fantasy. Ancient cultures are often full of great mythos, and I found some interesting Dacian ones that inspired me.

5.     What is your favorite part of the Pricolici?
All the little bits of actual historical information actually. I researched so that I could accurately portray the character’s appearances, artifacts, and even some of the magical details! But, if you want to find out how those turned out, you’ll have to read the book! 

Story Blurb:
Forced out, Tucker was vulnerable and alone. Betrayed by his haitas, he unknowingly drove straight for Pricolici territory. Their alpha claimed him, as a hultan and his mate. Tucker didn't believe him ... at first. Facing an attack from Stelian's ancient enemy, Tucker found out what he truly was.


Something warm slid over him and he buried his face in the soft wool that carried the spicy scent. A bit of a rumble and then he was being moved. Tucker didn’t question it as he let the gentle rocking send him back to sleep.

Hands tugging at the laces of his leather pants startled him. He was lying on a soft surface, probably the bed in his hotel room, but a dark man was hovering over him. Tucker gasped and began to squirm away.

“Stop.” The command made Tucker freeze. “I’m just getting you more comfortable to sleep.” He lay still as the hands resumed their work, tugging the laces free and then peeling the tight leather down his thighs.

A dark laugh rolled over his senses. “Well, aren’t you a kinky little lupe.”

Tucker didn’t think the voice wanted an answer. He yawned. The dream was strange, but he was too tired to try and figure it out. He’d heard the voice before, listened to it command and coax him. It made perfect sense for him to listen to it; it wasn’t real. He wanted it to be, though.

He wanted a strong lupe, one that would ravage him but keep him safe from the other dominants. He wanted an alpha like the one who kept filling his dreams. He wanted it to be real; the lustful yellow eyes and the sexy growl hovering over him.

He arched a little, his body stirring as arousal began to fill him. The sheets felt much softer than they had earlier, during his nap. He rubbed against them, enjoyed the silky glide. Maybe his dream lover would finally take him. He’d never touched him before, but he had tonight. Tucker knew the alpha could make him scream in release; he could only hope he didn’t wake anyone in the hotel if he screamed for real.

“No. I won’t claim you tonight. Go to sleep.”

Tucker whined, but the lupe just tugged blankets over him. He was already asleep and this dream wasn’t going the way he thought it should. It figured the stubborn alpha wouldn’t do what Tucker wanted him to even in his dreams.


Tucker sighed, but he couldn’t resist that command. Exhaustion overtook him again.

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