Saturday, September 1, 2012

Today’s little bit of snark comes from a WIP called EntangledMake sure to check out Marie Sexton's blog for the other links!
“Tell you what, half pint, go ask Umar. If he says yes, then you can go,” Carey said and Berko raced off toward the village.
“Have you lost your damn mind? A kid has no business on the boat with us. We’re working and it’s not a place for a damn kid.”
“Umar won’t let him
“I go, I go!”
“You were saying?” Jack asked.
Berko raced down the beach toward them, sand kicking out behind him. The little bugger was hauling butt.
“You keep up with him, hear me, Carey?”
“Shit. I didn’t think Umar would let him go.”
Berko was running so fast he made a loop around them.
“You thought wrong,” Jack said walking to the boat. “Have fun babysitting.”
“That’s bad word, Carey,” Berko informed Carey.
What Carey didn’t say was if a situation ever called for the word ‘shit’ this was it. How was he going to work and watch this little ankle biter?
“Sorry. Okay, here’s the deal. You can go and we’ll take some shots close to the surface. Then you go back on board while I go deeper down. Berko, I have to get at least one roll of film today.”