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Wednesday Briefs

Welcome to the Wednesday Briefers flash group. The short stories have a maximum of a 1000 word count plus links at the bottom to the other flashers. The prompt for this week is: "You are the sunshine of my ..." or use the alternate prompts:
Use: butts, pudding, cat
or "I'd like to make you an offer...." or
use something with stripes in your story or
use: whole new world or
"I always thought you look like..." 

I’m using: whole new world 

The Waiting Game-Part 2 

Mac looked up the stairs and grinned. His sub was up there... helpless and waiting. The least he could do was let Hal know he was in the house. Mac walked up the stairs slowly. But that didn’t mean the game was about to start.

* * * *

Mac stood in the door of their bedroom. Nothing got his blood pumping like seeing Hal restrained. Not that long ago, Hal had known nothing about BDSM outside of what he’d read or seen in videos. Mac had opened up a whole new world to Hal when they started a relationship.

He crossed the bedroom, stopping near the bed, and cleared his throat. He knew Hal heard him enter the room from the way his body tensed, but he wanted to make sure. One faculty he hadn’t taken from Hal was his ability to hear. Hal was still new enough to the lifestyle he tended to panic if he couldn’t relate to his environment in some way.

Mac trailed his finger up Hal’s cock. “Excellent job, my sweet sub. I’m very proud of you.”

Hal’s body twitched on the bed in pleasure from Mac’s words, and a bead of precome leaked from his cock. A muffled groan worked its way from under the gag in Hal’s mouth.

“Excited, aren’t you?” Mac rubbed the bead of precome around the top of Hal’s cock, watching it jump from his light touch. “Five days is a long time, I know. I’ve missed you too. I ache to feel you twitching around my dick as I fill you. Hand jobs just aren’t the same.”

Hal’s hands fisted in the cuffs.

Mac licked the precome off his fingers, making enough noise Hal could hear him, and sat on the bed between Hal’s spread legs. “The plug was a little big, wasn’t it? Did it burn as you inserted it? Bet it did, since I didn’t give you much time to prepare. But that burn faded, huh? To be replaced with another kind of burn… a burning need for the real thing.”

Mac tapped the plug nestled in Hal’s ass. Taking the base of the plug, he slowly fucked Hal with it. His sub’s toes curled into the bedding and the muscles in his legs tightened as more precome slid down Hal’s dick.

“Oh yes, very excited. I wonder if you’ll be able to wait for permission to come? Will I have to spank that gorgeous ass of yours tonight? I do so love to see your skin redden under my hand.” Mac bent down and licked the length of Hal’s dick. A sharp whine sounded from the man tied to the bed. “Or, maybe I should use the whip. After all, if you come without permission that is breaking a rule.”

Mac closed his mouth over Hal’s dick, taking him to the root. His nose brushed against Hal’s hairless groin. Frantic sounds broke from around the gag in Hal’s mouth, and Mac lifted his head, removing the source of torment.

“It wouldn’t take much for you to lose control, would it, my desperate little sub?”

 Mac tweaked the clamped nipples. Truth be known, he was as needy as Hal. Five fucking days were too long, and he needed Hal as much as Hal needed him. Mac brushed his lips across the inside of Hal’s knee. The soft skin roughened with chill bumps. Hal was very sensitive, but tonight, he was too sensitive.

Mac rested his head against Hal’s knee. “I think we’re both are too close to losing control. We need to take the edge off, babe, or this night isn’t going to be much fun for either of us.” He felt the tension drain out of Hal. Mac either called Hal ‘sub’ or by name. He only used affectionate terms when he needed Hal to know it was okay to step out of their roles for a moment.

He unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out of his underwear. Stroking his cock with one hand, and Hal’s with his other hand, he worked them towards orgasm. The grunts coming from Hal told Mac it wouldn’t be long. Seeing his sub twist on the bed, hips thrusting, was enough to make his balls tighten, and that familiar churning in his gut told him he was ready.

“Gonna come… come, now!”

A sharp scream pushed through the gag in Hal’s mouth as his seed covered Mac’s hand. Mac followed shortly, making sure to come on Hal’s groin. The fact it hadn’t taken long for both of them to come told him he’d done the right thing. Now they could enjoy the slow build-up of their night together.

Mac patted Hal on the leg as he stood up. As he did, he glanced down; Hal lay on the bed, the rapid rise and fall of his chest slowing as he basked in the afterglow. This was much better. Now the tension could come from what he did to Hal, not Hal fighting his own body.

“Yes, much better now. Think we need to give those tender nipples a break before we start again, Hal.”

That was the only warning Hal received before Mac removed the clamps and rubbed the susceptible little nubs. Hal arched on the bed and cried out against the gag. From having his own nipples clamped, Mac knew that little ripples of pleasurable pain arrowed straight to Hal’s dick… a dick still soft, but showing interest.

Mac slipped the cock ring off, and went to the bathroom for a towel. Once he was done cleaning Hal, he tossed the towel in the dirty clothes basket and switched on the TV.

“Thirty minutes to recuperate, then we start again. Is the plug still vibrating?”
Hal nodded his head and Mac grinned. “Good.”

TBC-Part #3 next week
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