Monday, September 3, 2012

Hey You!



Yes, that's right! I mean you! See, they're even pointing at you. So, hehe, what do I want with you???

*Evil grin*

Okay, nothing evil lol. I want to do something for you guys. :)

My blog hit the 100K mark about a week ago. *gasp* OMG 100,000 views. That blows my mind. I wanted to thank everyone that's joined by email or through my blog. And I wanted to say hello to all the new folks and give a nod to all those that have been here since the start. I hope y'all come back and enjoy all the goodies I have planned!

Starting today, September 3rd, and running through Sunday, Septmeber 9, I'm doing a contest, of sorts. There are a lot of steps, so are you ready:

1. Just drop me a comment with an email.

LOL, that's it. Just say hi if that's all you want. :) And add that email! Sunday afternoon I'll pick 3 folks. I'll *try* to make the announcement around 5 Central time. The prizes are:

1st-15.00 gift card from Amazon

2nd-10.00 gift card from Amazon

3rd- 5.00 gift card from Amazon

(if you rather have one of my ebooks that's cool too)

See why I need that email lol? Thank you guys for the support. :)