Monday, December 24, 2012

Silver Bells and Red Ribbon


Tanner enjoyed the tree lights reflecting off his boy’s dark skin. He idly traced the scroll work of the tattoo that started near the base of his neck. The tattoo traveled down the left side of his back and over one ass cheek. Not long ago Rusty had brought the tattoo over one shoulder and down to his pec. There was nothing he loved more than tracing that tattoo and watching Rusty squirm. Tanner looked down at his boy. Rusty’s feet were under him, his ass resting against his heels, head slightly bowed… waiting. Jesus, he was sexy in his submission. That red ribbon around his throat was sinful.

“Look at me.” Tanner waited until those dark eyes of Rusty’s were on him, then slowly slipped his night pants down, edging them past his hip, taking his sweet time before allowing his hard cock to spring free and slap against his stomach.

Rusty whined, loudly.

“I know what you want.” Tanner grinned as he kicked off his slippers and flung the pants off to the side. His boy’s eyes were huge in his face, and trained on his groin. “I want your mouth, too, but don’t make me come.”

He settled on the couch, away from Rusty, and spread his knees. Holding his cock at the base, he held up the thick shaft and looked at his boy. He knew Rusty wouldn’t come to him until he was told, but oh, oh how those eyes begged. “Come on,” Tanner said softly.

Tanner enjoyed the way his boy moved with such fluid grace, even with his hands bound behind him, as he shuffled into position between his knees, the bells chiming. Damn, he loved that. He ran his thumb across Rusty’s lips, reached behind his head and undid the ball gag. Tossing it on the other couch, he leaned down and kissed those lips that trembled with need. “Don’t come yet.”

“I-I won’t.” Rusty looked down at the cock in front of him. “Please, Sir?”

Tanner threaded his other hand through Rusty’s hair, bringing him closer. “Yes. Taste me.”

 A warm breath of air, a soft touch to his cockhead, then wet heat enveloped the crown of his shaft. Tanner leaned his head back against the cushions, one hand still lightly grasping Rusty’s dark hair as that talented tongue lashed the crown, teasing the slit, seeking. Tanner’s cock stiffened more, and a bead of precome leaked out, only to be licked up.

“Mmm,” Tanner sighed, glancing down. He tugged at his hair until Rusty raised his eyes. “Show me.”

Tanner watched as Rusty’s tongue flicked out, tracing the flared head, worshiping the hard dick by running it over his wet lips. Still grasping the base, he rubbed the damp head against Rusty’s cheek as, lost in the sensation, Rusty’s eyes drifted closed. Pleased sounds drifted up to Tanner as Rusty laved at his length. He honestly couldn’t remember anyone who loved to suck cock as much as Rusty did; he did it like it was his favorite thing in the world.

“Take more,” Tanner whispered, pushing his cock toward Rusty’s mouth. Rusty immediately caught the shaft and lowered his head, bobbing up and down. “Oh God, boy, yes. Jesus, your mouth is fabulous.”

Tanner’s fists clenched next to him on the couch as the warm, wet heat around his dick grew hotter, the suction up and down his shaft grew stronger. And God, that talented tongue that rubbed his shaft… as much as he wanted this to last forever, it couldn’t. Already his balls were tightening—that tingling that warned he was close. Breathing deeply, he closed his eyes as he fought his body.

He wanted this to last—not just the blowjob, but the whole thing… the whole romantic, sweet, loving thing. Tears gathered behind his lids as Rusty’s mouth drove him to Heaven and Hell at the same time. Rusty was the other half of his heart, his soul. Without him, life had no meaning. Rusty might be his sub, but he also held his master’s heart in his hands.

Tanner, eyes still closed, tightened his hands in Rusty’s hair and mumbled, “That’s enough, boy, or this lovely night is going to be over before it really gets a chance to get started. Time to stop.”

A disgruntled moan, then a soft plop greeted his ears, and Tanner opened his eyes. Rusty had stopped as he was told, but he was also rubbing his cheek against the wet shaft next to his face.

“You’re going to be the death of me.” Tanner chuckled softly as Rusty kissed his belly, then his shaft one last time. Tanner gazed into Rusty’s dark eyes, toughing the red ribbon around his neck. “I love you, Rusty.”

Rusty understood the minor shift in the scene. “I love you too, Tanner,” he said as he shifted on his knees.

Tanner caught the small movement and frowned. “Knees getting sore, boy?”

Rusty understood the brief break in scene was over. “I’m okay, Sir.”

Tanner sat up, running his hands over the broader shoulders. “I’m well aware how much power is in this body, but I didn’t ask you if you were okay. I asked if your knees were getting sore. Now, answer me.”

Rusty looked up. “I… damn. They’re a little sore, Sir. Sorry.”

“Hmm, think we need to move this to the loveseat. Might have to include a little punishment for not answering me honestly.” Tanner stood, and helped Rusty gain his feet. He pushed Rusty to the smaller couch, his knees landing on the cushions, his chest over the back.

“Yeah, perfect. Just need something to…” Tanner looked around, finally spotting what he wanted. “Ah, there we go. That will work just great.” Tanner landed on his sub’s ass. “Boy, do not move an inch.”

Rusty jerked at the slap of Tanner’s hand, but he held the position. He did turn his head, but he couldn’t see what Tanner had picked up off the floor without moving, and he had been told not to move.

“Oh God,” Rusty whispered suddenly.

Tanner smirked at his sub as he held the roll of red ribbon in front of Rusty. Quickly, he tied the ribbon to the cuffs at Rusty’s feet and the hooks on the chest part of his harness. The ends of the ribbon were tied around the chair legs.

“Yes, that will work just fine.” Tanner smacked Rusty’s ass again. “You aren’t going anywhere until I let you loose, boy. Now, let’s see how desperately I can make you beg.”

 * * * *

Rusty swallowed hard, fighting to relax against the couch. With the way Tanner had him tied, his ass was on display and he was helpless. And that damn plug was going to be the death of him. A strangled breath escaped when Tanner twisted the thing, sending more jolts of pleasure through him. Draped over the back of the couch, he stared at the floor, his toes curling as Tanner slowly fucked him with the plug. Every brush against his hot spot was sweet torture, and the gentle rhythm rocked him into the couch, making his cock brush against the cool leather.

“Oh, oh God, Sir,” he whined. “Feels good, but… but…”

Rusty shifted, trying to get more friction against his dick, making the bells ring as they brushed against the couch.

“Behave,” Tanner warned, hearing the bells. He knew what his boy was doing. His hand slapped down on Rusty’s ass.

Rusty groaned, heat spreading as Tanner continued to spank his ass, his hand moving across the skin, never striking in the same place, keeping Rusty off balance.

“Ah, ah… Sir…”

Riding the wave, he rocked with the hits as they landed on his ass, the backs of his legs, and the inside of his thighs. Heat bloomed and spread as he rose higher on the delightful sting, floating free… flying. Good… so good. The world retreated until there was nothing but the feelings and the thuds of a hand landing on flesh. Sounds fell around them, soft groans, breathless sighs, and the occasional yelp when a particularly good spot was struck.

“Yeah, that’s it, ride it, boy.” Tanner leaned over and kissed the cute little dip right above the cleft of Rusty’s ass. “You’re blushing very well for me. A nice rosy shade of red.”

Rusty barely heard his master, so lost in his head was he. When a hand smoothed over fiery skin, he sighed; sharp little pricks of pain wrapped in pleasure flooded through his body. The red ribbon caressed his skin, the cool slide of silk bringing chill bumps. His cock hurt, the need to come hammering him.

“Please, Sir, please. Fuck me,” Rusty begged, gasping for air. “I… I can’t… I don’t want to…”

Tanner patted Rusty’s ass. “Just a bit longer.”

Rusty didn’t think he could wait ‘a bit longer’, so he thanked God when he felt his master remove the plug. So empty, oh he was so empty. Tanner’s hands grasped his hips, his dick rubbing up and down his crack. Panting harshly, he fisted his hands in the cuffs as Tanner teased him, cock slick with lube.

“Can you take it hard?”

“Fuck… yes…Sir!”

Rusty barely finished speaking when Tanner grasped his cuffed hands and slammed home. For a moment, Rusty couldn’t speak. He was still loose from the plug, but the sheer act of possession rendered him speechless. Finally his voice unlocked and he screamed. On cue, his master began to hammer him, long strokes that filled him, owned him… gave him the pleasurable pain he craved. He managed to unclench his hands and intertwined his fingers with Tanner’s.

“Yeah, yeah, hold on, boy. Feel me take you.” The only noise in the room was the slap of flesh and hard moans. Finally Tanner reached around and pulled the cock ring off, breathing hard against Rusty’s back. “Come!”

Rusty yelled again as his body tightened and his seed spilled from him, shooting over the back of the couch. His head swam and there was a buzz in his head… followed by the sweet peace he sought. He heard his master curse, felt his strokes falter… then heat filled him. A hand on his sweaty back told him his master was just as lightheaded.

“Jesus, Rusty.” Tanner patted Rusty on the lower back, quickly undoing the cuffs that held Rusty’s hands. “God, I think I saw stars. Might ought to get you lose in case I pass out.”

Rusty snorted as his hands were released, stretching. Tanner untied his legs then flopped down on the floor, grinning up at him. “Fuck, Rusty… that was… that was… the best gift ever. I love you, babe.”

Rusty pulled off the harness and unwrapped the red ribbon from his body. He flexed his arms, and saw Tanner’s blue eyes darken. Grinning, he lay down, pulling Tanner against him, both of them staring at the tree. “Love you too. I’d hoped this was something that would blow your mind.”

“Consider my mind blown.” Tanner laid his head on Rusty’s chest, tracing the tattoo on his pec and fingering the bells on his perky nipples. “I really liked the bells too. Might have you wear those more often, at home.”

“I’d be glad to.” Rusty run his hand up and down Tanner’s back. “Happy?”

“Very.” Tanner snuggled closer. “Merry Christmas, boy.”

“Merry Christmas to you… Sir.”

The end

Merry Christmas guys!
This was just a short story for Christmas, there are no earlier chapters. That’s not to say Tanner and Rusty might not show up again, lol. But I wanted to wrap this story up since it was based on a Christmas prompt.
The next set of prompts have to do with New Years.