Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wednesday Briefs

Welcome to the Wednesday Briefers flash group. The short stories have a maximum of a 1000 word count plus links at the bottom to the other flashers. The prompts for this week are:

Line Prompts:
Off in the distance I heard …
All I ever wanted was …  

Word prompts:
Red, darkness, heat
Chill, blanket, tender

A surprise
An ancient tradition

Or a picture prompt 

~I’m using a surprise 

Silver Bells and Red Ribbon

Rusty rolled to the edge, carefully lifted the sheet off, and eased out of bed. Soft snores continued from the other side of the mattress—the other man was clearly still asleep. Checking his phone, Rusty made sure the alarm was set, and placed it back on the end table. He was amazed he’d managed to get up without waking Tanner.

His master was always aware of where he was and what he was doing; so much so that Tanner should wake up soon now that he’d left the bed. Rusty was counting on that, but just in case he didn’t, Rusty set the alarm on his phone. Moving carefully in the darkened room, he crept to the door and quietly made his way downstairs to the den.

For a moment he stood staring, once again entranced by the object in the middle of their den. The ten foot tree was a thing of beauty. He loved real trees, even though they could be messy. Nothing beat that smell. Their tree was wrapped in red and white lights, draped in red and silver garland, and heavy with numerous ornaments lovingly placed.

A big red and white bow crowned the top, long streamers trailing down the tree to the red velvet tree skirt… the empty tree skirt. It was Christmas Eve: the presents had been exchanged, a lovely dinner shared between them, and several toasts given to their life together.

Time for his Christmas surprise to his master.

“Please, please don’t wake up until I’m ready,” Rusty mumbled, hurrying into the den to check under the couch.

Earlier in the evening, he’d hid a small duffle that held several toys he’d bought without his master’s knowledge. Each toy was especially geared toward the holidays. The red leather brass buckle cuffs with silver metal rings were his favorite out of the things he’d bought. There was a chain from one cuff to the other.

With his naturally dark skin tone, the red would look good on his wrists and ankles. Then there was the red butt plug and cock ring. Oh yeah, and the red ball gag was pretty hot too. He’d even bought small silver bells for his nipple rings. The last thing was the red ribbon.

Rusty stripped off his boxers and threw them on the couch. He turned on the tree lights—the red and white lights casting soft shadows through the den—then turned on the gas fireplace. Last thing he wanted was to get cold while he waited.

Excitement threatened to get the best of him as he lifted the cuffs for his wrists and ankles out of the duffle. They were heavy and beautifully crafted. Once buckled around his limbs, he’d be aware of them.

Breathing picking up, he fastened the cuffs on his wrists, then sat down on the couch and secured his ankles. Oh God, he loved that feeling of being owned that washed over him when the final lock was clicked into place. The hard cock curving toward his stomach proved just how much he needed to be owned.

“Jesus,” he swore, resisting the urge to stroke himself. The need to come was already riding him hard.

Speaking of which, he rooted around for the lube in the duffle, found it, and slicked a finger. He reached behind himself, lightly working his ass, loosening it for the good sized plug. By the time he had three fingers moving in and out of his ass, he was sweating slightly. What could he say, he was a size queen. But hell’s bells, with the size of Tanner’s cock he had to be.

Once he was well lubed, he turned the plug on low and fit it inside its holder, then fastened the harness around his waist. Gently he worked the plug in his ass, sighing and mumbling as his sphincter fought the invasion before giving way.

“Oh, oh…” Damn, that felt way too good. He quickly slipped the cock ring over his aching dick before he lost control and came. That was not how he wanted this night to end. Finally he fitted the upper body straps in place and buckled them close.

“God,” Rusty moaned as the vibrations spread through his body. He was going to be insane by the time Tanner found him. He clipped the small bells on his nipple rings and reached for the ribbon that would be the bow on the present of his body to his master.

He wore a simple leather necklace that represented his collar. Most people outside of the lifestyle didn’t get the significance. But if someone looked carefully, they’d notice the clasp wasn’t the normal lobster claw closure… it was a padlock. With a grin, he tied the red ribbon around his neck.

There was only one left thing to do, and that was the gag. Rusty fitted it in his mouth and buckled it closed. The silver bells attached to his nipple rings chime sweetly. Rusty paused as he stepped to the tree skirt.

Oh. Rusty wiggled his body, listening to the lovely trill of the bells. How simply beautiful. He lifted his cuffed hands and flicked the tiny bells, listening to the charming music. Their sound was enchanting, and he bet Tanner would think so too.

He knelt on the red velvet tree skirt, making sure his back was to the entrance to the den. When Tanner came looking for him, the lights from the tree would draw his master to the den. Rusty wanted to make sure the first thing Tanner saw was the material between his ass cheeks that held the plug inside him.

Satisfied with his positioning, he lay down to wait. The Grandfather clock in the hall chimed out the hour. Rusty knew the alarm on his phone would now be going off upstairs. Soon… soon his master would come looking for him.
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