Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cover for Perfect

Hey everyone! I've got the final cover for Perfect. And I have to say, I'm *very* happy with it. Catt Ford is the cover artist, and she also did Priceless. Cam (Cupid) is the blond, and Catt did a wonderful job on him. For that matter, she did very well on Jeff too. ;) The background is Vegas. Honestly, I hope to work with her again on Pure. I can't wait to see what she comes up with, lol.

I don't have a release date outside of Jan/Feb yet, but Perfect is in the editing stage. As soon as I know something, I'll pass the word on.

Pure, the last book in the series, is under contract now also. :) I signed the contract a few nights ago. The release date is June/July. :)

Book #1 of The Harvest: Taken is almost ready to submit. I plan to send that off tomorrow after a few more tweaks tonight. There are three books in the series, each over 60K. So, if DSP takes them, all books of The Harvest will be long enough to go into print! How cool is that???