Friday, December 14, 2012

Purrfectly Giftastic Christmas Blog Hop


Hello! Come on in and join me. J I’m M.A. Church (or Michelle, or just plain M, lol) and I write M/M romance that often has a scifi or nonhuman twist.
I’m going to keep this brief since you guys are hopping, and there's a lot of cool authors' to visit.  Here is the link to the main page of the Christmas Blog Hop.


1.  First place winner gets a $15.00 Amazon GC.

2.  Second place winner gets their choice of a book from my back list.

3. Third place winner gets their choice of book from my back list.


How to Enter:

~Tell me which you prefer: a live or fake Christmas tree. If you have time, tell me why!

~Please follow my blog.

~Then make sure to comment and leave me an email addy. When the contest is over on Monday, I’ll post on here who won. I’ll also email you to double check I have the correct email addy. Check your spam, just to be safe. Sometimes emails to winners end up there. I’ll give the winners 72 hours to respond, and if I haven’t heard back, then I’ll pick a new winner.


I prefer real Christmas trees. Because of my allergies, when I was a kid, we had a fake one. Don’t get me wrong, it was full and tall, and very nice. But I always wanted a real one, lol. Even after I left home, finished college, and got married I had a fake tree. One reason was the oldest kiddo has asthma.

Well, last year we had our first real tree. The older kiddo works at a farm here in town, and last Christmas he showed up after work with a real tree. And there you go, lol, our first real tree. This year he brought one home called Blue Sapphire. I kid you not, the thing smelled like oranges!

Kitty-Kitty (our cat) took one look at it, fuzzed up, and hissed. I took one deep breath, fuzzed up and hissed too… the old allergies went nuts from the strong scent, lol. It was better come morning, thank goodness.
Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year! Hard to believe 2013 is almost here.


  1. I love real christmas trees theres the fresh smell of pine and the tradition of a green tree and going out to pick or shop for your own.Me and my family have always had a real tree but one year and I thought I would be the only one who didnt like the fake tree but the kids hated having a fake tree even if theres less of a mess.So GO REAL TREE.I just started reading your blog through Night Tempest blog and im really liking it The Next Genaration is a great story.

  2. Real i love real trees. i don't know what it is about real tress that i like, i started following your blog through your lit page. i love your stories.


  3. I like a live tree. I followed you through your goodreads page. Thank you for the giveaway.

  4. I prefer fake trees all the way. They are better than having to have to throw away a perfectly good source of air after a month. My Christmas tree is an awesome neon PINK can't get that with a real tree. Plus real trees are sticky...bleck! I first started following on lit, then switched to the blog but I have you on facebook as well. Can't wait for 'Perfect' to come out. Good Luck with getting 'Harvest' done.

  5. I prefer fake trees. They look nice enough and are re-usable. I don't really miss the smell because we have decorated branches on the walls that give off the same scent. We always had a real tree when I was growing up, but then switched to fake. Mind you, needles fall off the fake ones, too :P Maybe not as much though.

    I do love to see decorated real trees outside in gardens though.

    I followed you some while back because you're a fellow m/m author.

    Erica Pike
    eripike at gmail dot com

  6. I have always had a real tree. I love it because you can get a new shape or size every year. Charlie brown style one year and short fat and full the next which is exactly what I've done last year and this one. Although to be fair I haven't had a real "tree" every year ever. One year my family just plain didn't get around to getting a tree. My mom was super bummed so I took the boy scouts real pine bough garland that we had forgotten in a snow bank in our front yard and tied it to an open ladder with cord bundlers. That one shall forever be my favorite.

  7. Fake Christmas "tree" is an oxymoron. Ugh. Real ones meet the minimum requirement of actually being trees, plus they smell great. I used a live Norfolk Island pine as my tree for several years. Best tree ever!

    brendurbanist at gmail dot com
    Follow on goodreads

  8. Fake for me and mine! Two premies in the house and it's the only option!

  9. I'm not sure which I prefer. My grandparents always had a real tree and it was lots of fun picking one out. At home though, we've always had a fake one. I think I'd have to go with fake just for the fact that I wouldn't have to put the lights on every year. *shudders just thinking about it*
    I love all your stories and I've followed you for a while now, read some of your stories on lit.
    Happy Holidays :)

  10. I prefer a fake tree. Sure, you don't get the smell of a real tree, but it's still just as cool. The fake tree I had was one that had to be put together and decorated. It was fun, like putting a holiday puzzle together. My family, especially my younger cousins had fun helping with assembly and decorating, and that's all that mattered to me :)
    I followed you on lit and moved over to your blog. Love your stories! I definitely plan on getting all of your books! Happy holidays!


  11. Real! I've always loved having a real tree (but was only able to do it twice). There's just something nostalgic, I think about it...or, well, maybe not, my grandmother had this awful shiny tinsel tree LOL. So maybe it's more like nostalgic for the kind of Christmas you read about in Dickens.


  12. thank you for the awesome blog hop and wonderful giveaway

  13. I'm Jewish so it wasn't until my nephew came along that I experience a tree in the house (his mother is Catholic) We had a real tree. I love the pine smell. Now I live with a friend and she has a fake tree, it is still beautiful, just no pine smell or needles to clean up

    please enter me in your contest

    yinyang1062 at yahoo dot com

    thanks MA :D happy holidays!

  14. I prefer fake trees because they are reusable and I don't have to freak out about a tree as well in a lastminute Christmas shopping trip. :)

    Happy Holidays!

    moonsurfer123 at gmail dot com

  15. I grew up with real trees, and loved the smell. After I married and had my first child, we realized the real thing had become too expensive. Now, I haven't bought a cut tree in years, but when we added up the estimated $25 per year (back then) on a real tree we then had to drag to the road and add to the landfill, it seemed more economical to buy something we could reuse. We've set up the same seven-foot tree for more than twenty years. I miss the smell, but with one daughter and a best friend deathly allergic, I have to stick with the fake.

  16. Fake tree for me, I grew up in the Caribbean and now that I live in NY it is a nice way to connect me to my family back home. I started following you on Literotica when you started "the harvest" and now I anxiously wait for whatever your mind dreams up and I have yet to be disappointed :)

    Happy Holidays!

  17. I like the real tree. I love the smell and there's just something real ones have that fake ones don't.

    Merry Christmas!

  18. I prefer a real tree. I like to be able to go to a tree farm and cut down the perfect one. Love the smell of it and oh yeah the sap too. LOL. Stick with a fake one as they have become kind of pricey now. Thenks for the giveaway.
    Sue B

    1. That was supposed to say I am stuck with a fake one. LOL

  19. I prefer a live one because I love the smell of them, but neither I nor my parents ever get one :( I guess they're more trouble than we have time for?

  20. I prefer real. The smell is just the best thing ever. I also grew up with a real tree, the day after thanksgiving we would make a big trip down to tree towne, and find the biggest fullest tree they had. We always had such fun, and now that my Aunt has passed away and my family has fallen apart, I find that I really do miss it.

    -- Whitney

  21. I prefer the real ones for the smell. Although, you have to make sure to remember to water it etc. Happy Holidays!

    strive4bst(At) yahoo(Dot) com

  22. Love live tree,smell is so good.

  23. Love live trees but between allergies & a 2-year-old? We have a small, fake tree that will soon be hanging from the ceiling...

    dandatins at yahoo dot com

  24. Well the fake one look good in the pic but I hate them! I love the real ones, that nice smell and life in it it cannot be compared to the plastic one!
    thanks :)

  25. I'm kind of on the fence on this subject. I love the smell of a real tree...but nothing compares to a pre-lit Christmas tree (mostly because I hate stringing lights) if I could only find someone to string lights on a real tree and take them off when its all over then I would definitely have a real tree at my house :D


  26. Definitely real. The shedding needles, the fun of tangled lights, having to crawl around presents to water it...all worth it for the smell! Plus it simply wouldn't be Christmas without good natured arguing over which tree is the perfect one.

    dancingcelt at gmail dot com

  27. Real. The love the smell. :) My cats like to climb them.

    mslasha at gmail dot com

  28. I have two cats, so no way am I getting a real tree. Besides, I'm too lazy to take care of one. But I don't have a fake one either - no tree for us! If I could, though, I'd get one with naked men on it. That would sure keep down on unwanted visitors!

    Merry Xmas!

  29. I love the smell, feel, and look of real trees, but the clean up is obnoxious so I must say I prefer fake. With today's variety, they look beautiful AND you can get them prelit and in pretty much any color. What's not to love about them? New GFC follower-Scott Wilcox

    Thanks so much for being a part of this great hop and the amazing giveaway.

    Merry Christmas,

  30. We have a fake tree all due to the infamous (in our family) Tree Snake Incident of 1972. We were visiting my parents for Thanksgiving and they decided to decorate early for their only grandchild. Daddy brought the tree home and set it up in the living room to be decorated in the morning before he went to work. Later in the day my daughter started screaming "SNAKE TREE". And yes there was a snake crawling out of the tree. I'm not ordinarily very brave but I got that snake with the broom and flung it out the front door. She refused to have anything to do with that tree and we never again had a real one. Oh, btw I love your books.

  31. I Think I prefer fake Christmas tress because you can reuse them ever year and you don't have to worry about spending money to buy a new christmas tree every year. It's a good way to save money and it's still just as fun as a real one.
    I live for your stories because they touch my heart every time. You are an amazing writer.

  32. I love a real Christmas tree. I love the scent it gives to the whole house. It... well... it makes it smell of home and holidays. It really does. If I were to be asked what does Christmas smells like I would say it smells like a warm house and a Christmas tree. heh... thanks for the hop and giveaway! oh and following your blog. ;)


  33. In no particular order, this is why I prefer fake trees:

    1) No pine needles that irritate my skin while decorating (the fake trees don't irritate me)
    2) It's a waste. Why do we insist on cutting down all our trees?
    3) It looks just as good as a real tree, and it comes with way less hassle
    4) No pine needles all over the floor
    5) I'm used to fake trees. In all my 24 years, I can only remember having one real tree. I HATED it.
    6) I'm sure I can probably come u with more reasons, but it's 4:47am, and I'm almost falling asleep.

    Already following it. :)


  34. A real one!

    It starts with the whole family going out to buy it. Which one is the best, the prettiest and fits best in the place we want it.
    Then the "decorating" afternoon when we play christmas songs, my hubby is stringing lights for hours, we hang all the decorations on it.
    It looks different each year.
    It is beautiful because it is not really perfect, a bit crooked and you have to find the best side of it.
    And actually, up until a few years ago, fake trees really looked fake. Don't know if that got better know but I can tell the difference with one look so far.

  35. well real ones are always prettier but im an environmetal obssesed girl so ill pick a fake one

  36. i prefer a real one but our cats are so insain we have to get a fake one. i just love the smell of them and they just look nicer
    kaholgate at ymail dot com

  37. While I love the smell of real Christmas trees I prefer fake all the way! From allergies to pine needles all over to the cost of buying a new one every year I just love my fake tree!

    Happy Holidays!

    Sassychassy333 at gmail dot com

  38. I love the scent of real trees, plus they're more ecologically sound (though they do give me allergies). I follow via e-mail.


  39. I also love the smell of fresh trees but for years now, I've had one of those you disassemble and shove in a tote. I hate pine needles in carpet! No matter how much you vacuum, you'll always find them, or better yet, your foot finds them if you're barefooted. No fun.
    Happy Holidays!


  40. I prefer (and have always had) a fake Christmas tree. They are easier to take care of and since my whole family has allergies a live tree is NOT a good idea at all.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!! I follow via GFC: Ashley Applebee
    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!!!
    Ashley A

  41. real, they just look better and smell great! - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

  42. Live. It has become a family tradition to go and pick our tree together :) The only thing I dislike about them is its a pain in the butt cleaning up the pine needles lol
    Merry Christmas

  43. I prefer fake trees because its just easier. Don't have to worry about getting one that fits but looks good, trimming, watering, or pine needles falling off. I love the smell of real ones but they are just too much hassle. Thanks for the giveaway!
    GFC:Brandi Slater

  44. I prefer a real tree. Actually I've never even considered getting a fake one though it would spare me time I usually spend on vacuuming pine needles...


  45. I prefer fake trees 'coz of what's happening in my country. Because of illegal minings and cutting of trees, the trees that holds the soils on the ground are already disappearing. So when the typhoons (super typhoons) hits in our country, it becomes flooded and many lives were taken...

  46. I prefer real trees because they make the whole house smell like Christmas. And even though it may sound stupid and it should drive me crazy...when I'm still picking up the pine needles off the floor in June, it makes me smile to remember what a great Christmas we had.

  47. I would prefer a real tree because of the smell of pine. It reminds me of when I was a kid because we always had a real tree and you just can not get that smell from a can. lol Thanks for the giveaway! Gale Nelson gfc

  48. i love fake trees
    1) we put up our tree on thanksgiving night and its to hard to keep a live tree alive that long
    2) pine needles - omg i hate cleaning them up and i swear in march i will be walking bare foot and step on one still
    3 sap - its way to hard to put lights on a tree without being covered in syrup to do it
    4 i dont have to buy one every year with fake

  49. I prefer fake trees mainly because live trees are so much upkeep and I just don't have the time to deal with that around the holidays. Plus, I'm afraid the cat would lose her mind. :)

    JYL22075 at gmail dot com

  50. We do a real tree. There have been a few lean years when we had to make do with a fake tree that was a hand me down,they just aren't the same.

    Growing up we would sometimes get live tress and then keep them in the garage after xmas and plant them in the spring. Whenever I'm near my childhood home I go by to see those trees. Some are over 60ft tall now.

    Thanks for the great giveaways and the chance to win.



  51. P.s. I follow by email


  52. I am all for the real tree! I follow as OceanAkers. Merry Christmas! Thanks so much for participating in the hop!
    Oceanakers @

  53. Real Trees for sure! I love the tradition that comes with getting our tree. We go every year the day after Thanksgiving to trudge out and look for the perfect tree and then cut it down. The house will smell amazing for the 1st week or kids love it!

    Thanks for the chance to win :)
    raynman1979 at yahoo dot com

  54. We have always had a fake one. I have allergies and ashtma and could never have a real one. Thanks.
    magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

  55. What an awesome hop!! And a fantastic giveaway! Thank you!! Id prefer a fake tree. I have 5 dogs and two cats. Theyd have a field day in a real tree. lol Happy holidays to you all! Best wishes and many blessings!
    GFC: shadow_kohler