Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Tuesday Teaser


This is an excerpt from Frost's Bite, #3 in the Mystic Bay series.

Now this was just ridiculous. He’d never had such a reaction to another being.

Glancing around the area, he rearranged his cock as discreetly as possible. The hair on the back of his neck rose almost immediately, and like a moth drawn to a flame, he made eye contact with Nicholas.

Cool air circulated around them as Nicholas slightly raised his chin, his nostrils’ flaring slightly. Jonas blinked in confusion. That gesture almost looked like what a wolf or a vampire did when scenting.

Nicholas prowled across the blood-soaked ground, coming straight at Jonas. Jonas, a damn strong Guardian in his own right, stood rooted to the spot, staring like a deer caught in headlights. There was something predatory in that gaze, something voracious. Nicholas didn’t stop until he was seriously intruding in Jonas’s personal space.

With less than a foot between them, Jonas could clearly see Nicholas’s feature. His breath caught at the cold beauty in front of him. The long white hair and toned body that wasn’t heavily muscled were striking.

But the delicate facial features, slight dent in the chin, stubs around the lips and eyebrow didn’t scream threat. Until one felt his power. Until one looked into Nicholas’s eyes.

Then you just knew you’d met your match. Death loitered there, waiting to strike. Those icy eyes were striking at the best the times, but when he used his power, eerie swirls of blues flitted in Nicholas’s eyes.

“I smell your desire. It overpowers all else.”